The monsoon season is the most gorgeous in Mumbai. Many people from Mumbai prefer staying at home, but a lot of them would like a new atmosphere this time. Monsoon is a time of excitement, trekking, and taking in the beauty of nature. Here are eight top places to trek during monsoons from Mumbai.

1. Rajmachi Trek:

The trek is situated in the lush valley of the gorgeous Sahyadri mountain. From Mumbai, it’s 95 kilometers. It takes a full day for the entire trek. This is a straightforward hike. It is a great place to explore stunning waterfalls and the scenery around. In addition, you will be able to see the Rajmachi Fort, which has been a former fort. 

Between Lonavala to Rajmachi Fort is 16 km. In this area, one can visit the famous hill stations, including Lonavala as well as Karjat. It is possible to plan your journey at any time during the year but the best time to visit is from May through June. There’s no difficult part in this trek, so this trek can be undertaken by any person with a reasonable fitness level.

If you love trekking then you can also visit Kareri Lake Trek.

2. Kalsubai Trek:

Kalsubai is located at 5400 meters above sea level. In Maharashtra, this is also referred to by the name of Everest. A lot of people from Mumbai are keen to visit this place on weekends. From the top, you will take in the panoramic view that is simply thrilling. From Mumbai, the Kalsubai trek is 152km long. stop. This is a one-day trip, and also a moderate-level trek. The trail begins in an area called Bari. It is a 3 to 4 hours drive that will get you to the top. Kasara Railway station is the closest railway station. It is the most well-known monsoon journey close to Mumbai. Nearby the streak, you can go to Bhandardara lake. Bhandardara lake. You can create your camp and take in the stunning natural beauty.

3. Harishchandragad Trek:

It is among the most challenging treks, and also the most well-known trek in Maharashtra. On this trek, you can make an overnight stay in Harishchandragad caves as well as temples. 

On this trek, you need to travel through a lush green thick forest and huge plains that make the trek path more challenging. In the monsoon, you can hear the gentle hum of chirping birds, and feel the cool breeze. The trek can take between 8.5 and up to nine hours. The winter months are the best time to plan the hike. It is recommended to go to this spot during the monsoon season. The area will never bore you.

4. Lohagad trek:

It is among the most important historical sites in Maharashtra. From Mumbai, it’s 96 kilometers. Two hours is enough for getting to Lohagarh Fort from Mumbai. The one-hour journey from Lohagad Trek will be amazing. You can go here in the monsoon time. At this time, you can see stunning waterfalls and lush greenery all around you.

5. Korigad Trek:

It is a well-known place. It is situated at 3050 feet above sea level. From Mumbai, this location is at a distance of 110 km. This is a day-long and easy hike. It is also possible to visit the most beautiful spots such as Bhaja Caves korigad Fort, Tiger View Point, and more. A lot of people from Mumbai visit this place to spend their weekends and many organize picnics in this area.

6. Tungareshwar:

Tungareshwar is one of the plateau regions located within Vasai as well as Virar. In the monsoon time, you can enjoy the lush vegetation in this region. In this area, you can see many stunning streams. This is the perfect place to visit in monsoon close to Mumbai. The gorgeous surroundings are the perfect getaway for hikers in Mumbai.

7. Tikona Fort:

This is also a great beginner trek in the vicinity of Mumbai. The fort is located on a cliff at 3,633 feet. The fort is located in Tikona Peth. also visit Morvi Dongaand Scorpion sting, Lohagad fort, and lion’s Point. The base is in the town of Tikona Peth. It is situated around 120 kilometers away from Mumbai. From Lonavala, it is possible to take the bus up to Tikona Peth. The nearest airfield is Lohegaon. The summer is very humid and hot here. Therefore, you can visit in the monsoon season. The months of June through September are the best time to go on this hike. The weather was pleasant during the monsoon. mild.

8. Mahuli Fort Trek:

Mahuli trek is a popular trek located near Mumbai. It is situated at a height of 28515 feet. The nearest railway station is Asangaon which is 78 kilometers away. Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport and Pune International Airport are the closest airports. There are several restaurants in which food is available. It is a simple walk. While you’re on this trek, you will be able to enjoy the stunning green forests.

By Williumson

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