While penny boards are a product with their roots in Australia They have since been gaining popularity across the world.

The most effective penny skates come with a combination of convenience, stability and toughness and are a great choice for children and teens. In the end, not all skateboards are made identical.

This article will help you narrow down your options from the vast array of merchandise available. If you’re purchasing for yourself or considering giving it to someone else You’ll get all the info you need to make the right choice.

They are also skateboards however, not all skateboards are penny boards. Also, you must be aware of what qualifies as penny boards and what’s not.

Best penny board for beginners

Below, we’ve got a few excellent penny boards:

1. Meketec 22-inch Mini Cruiser Retro Skateboard – Best for All-Over

Meketec is among the most popular penny board manufacturers currently, with various dimensions and colours.

The Meketec 22-inch Mini Cruiser Skateboard can be found with a range of designs and colors. Its dimensions, construction and retro style are ideal for young children.

The width of the deck is six inches. This is enough for a child. What makes this skateboard one of the most effective is the construction using the top-of-the-line ABEC 7 bearings as well as 3.25-inch trucks. The urethane wheels measure 60 millimeters wide and come with an aluminum frame.

This is a penny-sized plastic board, however the material is of high-quality. In comparison with the wood boards I’ve used the product is the only one that offers the flexibility and lightness.

It makes your request for a migration simpler. The textured deck offers plenty of friction to keep your feet in place when cruising.

This is one of the advantages I look for when I am evaluating my experience. It has helped me stabilize my legs, which made it easier to steer the board when it rains.

It is a Meketec pennyboard is CE certified This is a security certificate from the EU. That means it does not contain hazardous materials in its design. It’s perfect to use for road trips and isn’t just for fun , but it can be used for commuting to school or to parks.

Another advantage of the model in question is it’s appropriate for all kinds of riders. If your child is proficient or not they’ll find this model fairly easy to handle.

It’s light to carry around at only 3.2 pounds. It can also support the weight of 200 pounds. That’s enough to be a skateboard for kids.


  • High-quality, durable plastic deck
  • Excellent for learning balance , and also beginner tricks.
  • Large wheels
  • CE-certified
  • Very cool design possibilities


  • Too small for teens.

The bottom summary: If you are searching for the perfect all-around skateboard, this Meketec version is not one to be left out. Through experimentation, I’ve evaluated the durability, the ability to move, and the ability to control speed of this product. The good news is that all is well to provide you with more memorable experience.

2. the Playshion mini 22 inch Cruiser Skateboard – Ideal for quiet operation

The Playshion Mini Cruiser Skateboard 22 inches is designed for use on the road. The deck is made of fiberglass which has a great capacity for weight (220 pounds) and makes the deck lighter.

The length of 22 inches and the 6-inch width makes it perfect for children who are three years old and all the way to teens. I purchased the board to allow my son in order to follow his goal of becoming professional surfer.

From the very first time I met her the girl did not seem unusual and was very fascinated by the size of the board. It’s likely to be easy to move around, thanks an anti-bite design. Your child can turn to the left or right with minimal effort.

This is among the most silent penny boards available that you can find, with top-quality truck made of aluminum (3.25 inches) and bearings made of ABEC-9.

This makes for a comfortable ride, making it perfect for beginners especially. I’m totally convinced by the performance of this board on gravel. It didn’t make any noise for the entire 6 km I traveled.

The wheels are huge and measure 45 x 59 millimeters, with 59 mm being their diameter and 45 millimeters in thickness.

For design, this Playshion skateboard is adorned with some of the most unique designs. The surface differs than the usual diamond pattern. From ocean blue through celestial violet there are a variety of patterns and colors that will delight the young rider.


  • Sturdy, lightweight fiberglass deck
  • Bearings of the ABEC-9 series equipped with ball cages made of nylon
  • High capacity of 220-pounds
  • Very smooth ride
  • Excellent value for the money.


  • It’s not the best choice for tricks.

The bottom line is that I like the peace of this skateboard across every surface. Even rough roads are not a problem for the quality of the product.

When compared to its price I would recommend this product as it meets the requirements of longevity as well as smoothness and rigidity.

By Williumson

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