Apple Inc. launched the first-ever iPhone back in 2007. The billion-revenue brand has strived for over 15 years of revolutionary upgrades for iPhone models alone! Today we have the most successful 5G network comprising the smoothest A16 Chipset installed on iPhone 14 Pro, which is top news at the moment.

Where critics have scoffed at ludicrous price tags of the overpriced, Apple users have reviewed and supported the brand for its signature iOS and swiftest interface efficiency. The question arises, “Why has Apple always been so expensive?”

Apple’s Revolutionary Strategy

Apple Store products proved their worth by improved hardware upgrades, constant iOS updates, and dynamic performance cores and chips, which its competitors sometimes lacked. Apple has survived the digital market by fulfilling the expectations of the buyers and users and by looking beyond the present successes. Apple never released a low-price or substandard product ever in its revolutionary eras! It has always been a taste of luxury itself.

What is the price difference between the first iPhone and iPhone 14?

With superior technology comes a higher price tag! Apple’s first-ever iPhone was worth around 500$ to 600$ back in 2008. Incredibly expensive because only the wealthy could afford “The Perfect Smartphone.” Compared to the average smartphone of the 2000s, it was overpriced because where Androids cost around 400$ max, the iPhone had a price label worth 600$!

Customers will buy iPhone 14, released this September 2022, worth 850$ to 1100$! The price range of the iPhone 14 Pro is 1300$ to 1400$ with maximum storage capacity. The iPhone 14 Pro Max is the most expensive smartphone of Apple Inc., worth 1100$ starting price, reaching a solid 1500$ with a higher storage feature. Need we say more?

The iPad’s Price Range (2010 to 2022)

The first-ever iPad dropped in 2010 with a price label of 499$! It had 16GB storage and a Wi-Fi base for the starting price. The more storage capacity and network capability the buyer requested, the price range exceeded by a hundred dollars!

There are four iPad families named:

  • iPad Classic, upgrading with generations. Apple introduced the iPad 9th Gen in 2021 with a price tag of 800$ starting point!
  • iPad Air family is famous for its mediocre price range, smooth processors than the Classics’, and ultimate devices for students, designers, and writers. The best iPad Air Apple store released was in 2020, named iPad Air 5. It has an M1 power chipset that inclines its price range from 600$ to 900$. Check out trustable websites such as buy ipad Air in more models.
  • The iPad Pro family has always been the most expensive. Hence it exceeds the 999$ range, providing exceptional characteristics in both hardware and iPadOS.
  • The iPad Mini Family is somewhat affordable, portable, and, obviously, smaller. An iPad mini can do everything its larger display versions can perform, but shorter in size!


Apple has gradually increased the worth of its product over time due to resplendent Retina Displays, ProMotion techs, HDR cameras, dynamic chipsets, and vivid graphics and CPU cores. One of Apple’s strategies is discontinuing ungraded and old products to lead buyers into the future of revolutionary technology.

 However, some online second-hand marts and retailers still have a couple of years old product range. If you are looking to sell iPads, hop on to this.

By Williumson

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