Red rice

Did you have in any event some felt that at Lundberg Family Farms we make more than seventeen explicit groupings of rice? From long-grain rice like standard jasmine rice to short-grain rice like commonplace sushi rice, each one brings a couple of extraordinary decisions in light of what’s generally expected to the table-including assortment! There’s standard white rice and regular messy concealed rice, yet did you appreciate rice comes in various assortments also? There’s yellow rice, faint rice, and-a the Lundberg family most venerated normal red rice!


California Red Jasmine Rice has for quite a while been a family #1 for its honey-stowed away grains, convincing scent (some say it smells like popcorn!), and nutty flavor. We haven’t ordinarily proposed it as “California Red Jasmine Rice” notwithstanding, in the floods of William Shakespeare, “A red rice by some other name would smell as sweet.” Alright, Shakespeare might have been examining roses and we haven’t been making California Red Jasmine Rice since the sixteenth hundred years, yet we have been making it since the seventies!

Harlan Lundberg Filling pack of ride Harlan uses a hand locater to cut and gather a primer of rice from one of his principal fields.

In 1971, Harlan Lundberg and his family-including his perfect partner, Carolyn, and their three exuberant young people spread out to Brazil as volunteers with the Amicability Corps. While living along the Amazon Stream in Belém, Harlan showed the veracity of perpetual biodiversity. He other than attempted to likewise develop the close by rice creation line, where he at first experienced red rice and dull rice. By then, the Lundberg family was basically managing liberal disguised rice. Red rice and weak rice-with their molded grains were an inconsistency to Harlan. Exactly when he returned to Richvale, not perpetually set up to have a go at making them himself.

Harlan got to new groupings of rice from any spot the world by referring to seeds through the Public Cultivating Library in Beltsville, Maryland. He would pick groupings from stock and the seed bank would send him a couple of seeds of each.. The record didn’t give a ton of information about each get-together, so Harlan expected to concentrate on them as they were made. Then, he would see and pick unequivocal plants for assortment, grain size, flavor, and likeness to making conditions in California. One of the groupings he made was Richvale Red Rice, named for the little town we call home.

Lundberg Kin in the field of Red RiceThe Lundberg family Homer, Eldon, Wendell, and Harlan stand in a field of Richvale Red rice.


Richvale Red Rice had a striking, red awn (or straw) that would turn the whole field faint red! In any case, it didn’t grow continually, making a piece of the rice grains have every one of the reserves of being red and others green. Precisely when it was managed, the two tones joined as one and aided the Lundberg family to recall Christmas. Thus, they decided to rename Richvale Red Rice and began selling Christmas Rice in a happy, event pack for celebrations the whole year!


Christmas Rice has gone everywhere, yet a more noticeable proportion of Harlan’s groupings continues on through a striking, long grain red rice he called Wehani, an assurance of WEHAH, which watches out for Lundberg’s creators Wendell, Eldon, Harlan, Albert, and Homer. Today, we call it California Red Jasmine Rice, yet all the brand name credits to Wehani remain. It is the longest, thickest blend we make. How does red rice cook? Since it is a whole grain with the bronzed normal toned wheat great, California Red Jasmine Rice requires a couple of extra minutes in the pot (California Red Jasmine Rice cooking time is 50 minutes). As it stews and steams, it fills the kitchen with the smell of hot buttered popcorn or peanuts!


The warm shade of California Red Jasmine Rice could add a fortifying, master style to the table, yet this grouping is sans object. Its nutty flavor fits right in with your central plans. Mulling over how to cook red rice? Coming up next are a couple of our family’s principal plans:

Red Rice Hotcakes with Strawberry Rhubarb Compote

Add a whole grain wind to your Saturday morning staple! These Red Rice Pancakes are scrumptious, yet likewise interesting easy to make whenever. Furthermore, they’re stacked with whole grains to clean you off without upsetting you.

Red Rice Shrimp Cakes

This recipe for Red Rice Shrimp Cakes doesn’t hold down on flavor! Once cooked, concrete stunning Red Rice with sweet coconut milk and enthusiastic curry stick. Then, mix in regularly detached shrimp and basil. Structure into rice patties, cover with panko, and the present moment is the best an entryway to consume!

Red Rice Meatless Tacos

Red-y to enlighten Taco Tuesday? Exchange ground burger for liberal whole grains! Cooked in a skillet with tomato juice, segregated onion, minced jalapeno, and your #1 seasoning, our California Red Jasmine Rice, changes into a legend substitute for taco meat.

Planting SEEDS FOR What the future holds

Lundberg Family Residences didn’t have a nursery when Harlan made California Red Jasmine Rice. In all honesty, the development of California Red Jasmine Rice affected the improvement of our nursery, where we secure and uphold combinations of rice that are sublime, phenomenal, and sensible with regular making practices, not subject to fake materials. It’s all essential for our affirmation to furthermore encourage nourishment for the table while leaving an extraordinary world for the future so we can keep turning out to be intact from this point ahead, interminably.

By Williumson

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