Having an iPhone is no less than a luxury. Its innovative features and durability make it competitive in the market. When compared with android phones, iPhone usually beats the competition. But like every other phone, iPhone, too, can run into bugs. Experts suggest taking some preventive measures to enhance the durability of the phone. No matter how careful you are, accidents can happen. Here, we will discuss various services for iPhone repair in Singapore

Possible iPhone Repair Services You Should Know

iPhone users should know about various repair services. When you see a hitch in your iPhone, like a broken screen, it can surely give you a mini-heart attack. Knowing about multiple repair options will provide a sense of satisfaction and hope that your phone can be fixed. MobileLabb Phone Repair in Singapore is unbeatable. Their repair specialists have fixed thousands of damaged/broken phones as good as new. Let’s take a look at possible iPhone repair services. 

  1. Water Damage

Mobile gadgets are not water-proof. Some of the latest versions provide the feature of being water-resistant. But if your iPhone is a regular one, you must protect it from water exposure. It is recommended to immediately remove the phone battery in case of water spill/slip. iPhone has non-removable batteries making it vulnerable to battery and system damage. You must promptly connect with MobileLabb phone repair Singapore. You can also check water damage through Liquid Contact Indicator (LCI). It is usually inside the SIM card slot. But some versions may have a different placement. Through the LCI color, you will know the damage percentage. The red color reflects that you need an expert iPhone repair service. The pink color also indicates liquid damage. Yellow will be your lucky color as it will indicate no water damage. 

  1. Broken Screen

Pressure hits can lead to a broken iPhone screen. It is a commonly observed hitch among iPhone users. iPhone has a delicate screen that needs an additional protective layer. It will reduce the aesthetic appeal of the iPhone and become challenging to operate. You can easily replace an iPhone’s broken screen. You might get your iPhone covered through its warranty if your iPhone is new. 

  1. Battery Replacement

The battery of a mobile is one of the main factors in determining durability. Multiple factors like overcharging, using excessive apps, and frequent charging can reduce battery life. You will feel your iPhone getting heating up quickly and faster battery drainage. If your iPhone is older, it can also be a reason for a faulty battery. Changing the iPhone battery yourself can be tricky. You can mess up with the hardware and lead to further damage. It is better to let a professional handle battery replacement.

  1. Fault in Charging Port

Is your iPhone not charging even after trying multiple charging cables? Then it might be a faulty iPhone charging port. The port can get damaged due to clogged-up debris or the use of faulty charging cables. But do not experiment with fixing it yourself. Some sensors can become defective. You will need the services of MobileLabb Phone Repair Singapore

  1. Faulty Buttons

The home button in an iPhone is the most used. Other than that, there are volume and lock buttons. Due to overuse, the controls can become dysfunctional and have to press harder multiple times for the desired function, requiring a button repair or replacement. The experts will analyze if the buttons can be fixed. Otherwise, they will replace them with a new one. 

  1. Damaged Camera 

Our mobile buying preference includes a good quality camera. iPhone is known for its exceptional camera quality. People do not need to buy extra DSLRs for professional photography. The iPhone camera can be an excellent gadget for capturing memories. A crack on the lens of the mobile camera can create a distorted or hazy image. Camera lens repair is a costly service. 

Where to Get iPhone Repair Services?Mobile is a valuable asset that needs a trusted hand for repair services. MobileLabb Phone Repair in Singapore has over ten years of industrial experience. Our team regularly updates on the latest advancement in mobile technology. We provide fast, reliable, and sustainable iPhone repairs. Contact us for expert consultation if you experience any bugs in your iPhone usage.

By Williumson

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