Thousands of companies in the USA mainly perform tasks and assignments on laptop computers. MacBooks are one of the sturdiest and most powerful computers that boosted expectations for all their competitors. The Macs have heavier storage capacity, longevity, impressive features, and premium graphics. Apple strives to make every penny count, and MacBooks are worth the price! Every latest mac launch leaves the audience in awe and critics scoffing at the signature line.

Why is MacBook Better than Other Laptops?

Laptop brands such as Lenovo, Acer, Microsoft, and Dell compete with the signature lines of Apple MacBooks. The top hit models that have captivated laptop users from the Mac lineup are the MacBook Air M1 and MacBook Air M2. Both have blessed magnificent displays and proficient processors that are the ultimate solution laptops for all types of professional work.

 The luxurious and sleek designs, Liquid Retina Display, and improved macOS compatible version can assist users in enjoying the Apple Lifestyle stress-free. The Macs are better due to their fastest processing CPUs, hardcore chipsets, and vast storage capacity. The M1 model is an affordable yet more powerful investment than M2, though.

MacBook Air M1 (Released 2020)

One of the best budget Macs to hit the Apple Store is MacBook Air M1, named after its superpower M1 processor, a fast beast unleashed in the digital market. Weighs about 2.8 pounds, which is lighter than cake to pick up for work and set up within minutes. The side bezels are round, about 8.8mm thin for a sleeker appearance, and the 8-core CPU and 16 GB worth of RAM installed inside the Mac Air are awe-inspiring for its competing brands! Most readers wonder what precisely an M1 processor is.

M1 is a 5-nanometer chip. It has more than 16.2 billion transistors adjusted in the tiniest tech body to power the MacBook with ergonomic capabilities. MacBook Air is not just a marketing stunt or an exaggerated hyperbole! It is perfect for digital artists, illustrators, businesspersons, online marketers, content creators, and freelancers.

The people who have used this 2020 hot model are sure not to compare this addictive technology with other laptops. It is much cheaper than current laptops, you think! Starting price is about 999$ on Apple Store itself. How about you check out some other budget-friendly websites such as to buy MacBook Air at a perfect price?

A Drawback or a Positive Point?

The only drawback of Macs for non-Apple users can be Apple’s ecosystem, which accumulates all its gadgets in an interconnected dimension with no connectivity of the device to any other company’s service. You need to buy iPhone as your regular cell phone or buy iPad Pro or Air along with the Mac to have a channel of accessibility among your devices. Apple’s Lifestyle compels its users to enjoy all things Apple! It is a plus point to have similar signature OS gadgets for a comfortable working environment.


MacBook Pros and MacBooks Airs are all industry-leading laptop lines from Apple Inc. and are worth their price tag! MacBook Air 2020 model is just one of the vast range of Macs released. Check out trendier, cheaper, and more portable models online on!

By Williumson

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