Choosing suitable cutting fluids is an essential part of maintaining your machine. The role of cutting oil is to lubricate and protect cutting surfaces and bearings to ensure maximum efficiency. You must research thoroughly before selecting a cutting fluid to get the most out of it. The tools will not cut well if it does not have adequate protection, which means that a suitable cutting oil is essential for good performance. The purpose of this blog is to describe the criteria for selecting high-performance cutting oils. 

The right cutting fluid should: 

1) Reduce metal-to-metal contact 

During the process of cutting metal, the tool is placed against the surface of the workpiece. The tool undergoes 3 cutting actions – the primary cutting action, the feed cutting action, and the finishing cutting action, during which metal-to-metal contact between the tool and the workpiece causes friction. This friction causes wear and tear on both pieces. Cutting fluid helps reduce this action, enabling smoother machine operations. Cutting can cause overheating on the machine’s surface, which can prematurely wear out the parts. A suitable cutting oil also reduces the heat generated due to friction to enhance tool life. 

2) Removes chips from chip zones 

Chips are formed in metal cutting during the machining process. Chips can damage the machine tool, workpiece, and cutting tool. Chip formation can also prevent your machine from cutting correctly. Cutting fluid contains solvents that dissolve the chips,  while the water in the fluid prevents chips from clumping together. It also minimises the risk of chips sticking to the workpiece and makes them easily removable by hand. A suitable cutting oil also reduces operational costs by keeping your machine clean. 

3) Reduces residue formation 

The use of cutting fluids generates residue. Liquid residue formation is optimal as it can easily be removed. The selection of incorrect cutting oil can create a hard or sticky residue that can hamper the machine’s functionality. Residue should be regularly removed as the longer you leave the residue, the harder it is to remove it from the machine. 

4) Protects machinery from corrosion 

Selection of a suitable lubricant with the right amount of pH aids in preventing corrosion of ferrous metals such as cast iron, stainless steel, wrought iron, etc. A pH level of 8.8 to 9.6 is optimal to reduce the chance of corrosion on these metals. The cutting fluid should not be extremely alkaline or acidic to avoid maintenance issues for your machinery. Highly acidic cutting fluids can also deteriorate the flexibility of the machine’s elastomers. 

5) Reduce energy consumption 

Choosing the perfect cutting fluid improves the entire manufacturing process. The ideal cutting fluid also reduces energy consumption, which reduces costs and pollution and helps companies adhere to strict environmental norms. Cutting oil helps reduce energy consumption by reducing friction between the workpiece and machining tool, resulting in less energy being used to complete the cutting procedure. 

Final Thoughts 

Choosing the right cutting fluid is crucial if you want to improve your manufacturing process, reduce operating costs and increase profitability. Choosing a high-performance cutting oil from a reputed manufacturer is equally important as their cutting fluids are formulated after a thorough analysis of industry requirements. 

Castrol is the global leader in liquid engineering. We provide a comprehensive range of cutting oils for all industrial sectors that address every requirement. Our cutting fluids are proven to improve the manufacturing process and prolong machine life. 

By Williumson

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