Engagement Ring

Shopping for an engagement ring can be overwhelming, but knowing the critical factors for buying a diamond can make the entire process a lot easier. When you know the key characteristics of a diamond, you will be able to decide which one would suit you and your style.  

If you are shopping for an engagement ring, you have probably never bought a diamond before, and things can get confusing. Here are nine tips you should know before buying a diamond handcrafted and designer engagement rings. So, let’s get started!

Focus on the 4C’s

The first things to consider are the 4 C’s, which basically stands for Carat, Colour, Clarity and Cut. Have a detailed look at these 4C’s.  A 14-k white gold braided wedding band is a great way to make your special day unforgettable. These classic jewelry pieces are made of gold mixed with copper and often silver. When these astonishing metals are blended, they form a sweet pink alloy, creating blush gold, a stunning choice for engagement and wedding bands and rings.

  • Carat 

Basically, a carat is the weight of a diamond. The greater the carat, the bigger size a diamond will be. Choosing a diamond’s size depends entirely on the purpose of your purchase and your preferences. While some prefer buying 18k diamond designer engagement rings to give a glamorous look, others might choose a 14k stone yet shine in its brilliance.

  • Color

In case you didn’t know, diamonds come in a variety of colors to choose from, including white, yellow, pink, red, and green. You can find colorless diamonds also as they are the costliest and most valuable ones. 

  • Clarity 

Clarity refers to the type, position, and number of imperfections. A diamond’s shape can also influence its clarity; you can consider buying emerald and Asscher-shaped diamonds that are more transparent. If you prefer clarity in a diamond, the handcrafted engagement rings can be an excellent choice for you!  

  • Cut 

Since a well-cut diamond will look brighter, it will also appear more significant than its carat size. So, when you are shopping for a diamond engagement ring, keep your standards for cut quality high. All the tiny facets and angles that are cut into the gem will enhance the diamond’s reflection of light.

The cut cushion diamonds are known for their timeless beauty, classic, unique, and gorgeous appearance. If you are willing to buy cushion-cut diamond engagement rings, consider Danhov to meet your expectations. Your partner will definitely love it.

Different Shapes of a Diamond 

Although the round brilliant cut is the most valuable and standard diamond shape, there is a wide range of shapes that you can choose from. Some of them include pear, heart, cushion cut, marquise, oval, princess, emerald, Asscher, and radiant. All these fancy-shaped diamonds have varying degrees of fire and scintillation and can bring out the best designer engagement rings. 

Check the Certification 

Last but not least is the certification. The safest way to purchase a diamond engagement ring is to get it with its grading report. The certificate of a diamond will ensure a diamond’s quality and authenticity, especially listing the 4C’s, including the cut, clarity, colour, and carat.   

Wrapping it up! 

Before buying anything, even if it is a diamond, doing good research is always a better idea. After all, you will spend thousands on your engagement ring, so make sure it looks good.  A braided wedding band is a beautiful representation of your unbreakable bond. Explore this gorgeous range of braided wedding bands in different metals at Danhov.

If you are looking for award-winning handcrafted engagement rings, Dnahov can be your one-stop shop! The American-made rings and bands are designed to accentuate the centre diamond and capture the stoplight.

By Williumson

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