ECU reset basically resets the software that controls the engine control unit (ECU). Most reputable companies use custom maps that fit your vehicle and your specific needs.

Modern equipment relies heavily on computer control systems. Basically, every engine has a set of sensors that control many things like throttle position, crankshaft position, air flow, etc. individually.

Why do I need to update my ECU? As cars spread around the world, manufacturers use a single package that meets all standards. This map must take into account the many different types of demand in each exporting country. The manufacturer must consider areas such as climate, emissions, fuel quality, etc. This means that a car ECU is not designed for every situation.

So how can a reputable ECU copy service help you?

 Your custom map file will be read, modified and restored in the ECU. Companies should always take the time to learn what each needs and wants to achieve with a new image. The card is punched before being fed back into the ECU. An ECU rebuild can easily squeeze extra power and torque out of an engine without warranty issues. Many owners have also reported better fuel economy after rebuilding engines (removing engine parts). Keep in mind that while many consumers will experience lower fuel consumption, it will depend on your driving style and how heavy your right foot is.

The increased power and torque achieved by the EKU redesign provides a smoother ride and more flexibility throughout the rev range, resulting in better acceleration and better handling.

Beware of cheap imitations.

There are many companies that offer ECU tuning services that seem to be well priced. Most of these companies use files (maps) that you can easily access from the Internet or other sources and are NOT suitable for your specific needs. They can damage your engine as they are not specific to your vehicle.

Before resetting the ECU, a reputable service provider should thoroughly test your engine and let you know if there are any problems or parts that need replacing. Keep in mind that even if remapping/resetting the ECU may not work, it may pick up previously damaged parts. To ensure the ECU upgrade process, the selected service provider should not work on a defective engine without the written permission of the engine owner. If the error shown in the diagnostic process is ignored, save the excuse and leave it where it is.

What improvements can I expect?

As mentioned, you’ll see better power and torque throughout the rev range, along with the potential for better fuel economy. Below is a general idea of ​​average adjustments for different types of equipment:

Fuel (Non-Turbo) when building a low compression engine you should expect to see a 10-15% and around 15-20% increase in total horsepower (hop) depending on the condition of your engine. Torque (Nm). ) in the entire rotation region. This improves engine performance when the throttle is lighter.

Fuel (Turbo) if you install a special EKU engine with a turbocharged engine, you can usually expect a horsepower (hp) increase of around 20-30% four times, with torque increasing depending on your character. A significant increase in power and torque improves engine performance in all gears and revs.

By Williumson

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