dental implants in Dubai

If you have lost your teeth and want the most secure, convenient way to restore your teeth, then a dental implant is necessary. There are multiple causes to consider dental implants as the exact treatments at a particular point in life. It is applied especially in the case of teeth loss.

For cosmetic intentions or for the simple verity of changing the look, dental implants in Dubai are the essential treatments one can take in our present dental clinics in Dubai. As for the expense of such treatments, we will try to give you a full indication of our team of dentists in Dubai who can offer complete details of this matter.

Let’s learn about the cost of dental implants in Dubai, what is a dental implant and many more.

What is a dental implant?

Dental implanting means replacing the missing tooth with an artificial tooth crafted from various elements that look like a screw. It helps to strengthen the bone structure of your teeth. It also helps to keep your teeth healthy and gives you the confidence to smile better. A dental implant also helps your existing teeth by strengthening the bone structure.

How does it work?

The professional dentist inserts the artificial tooth into your jaw through minor surgery to provide support. With the passage of time, the jawbone fuses on top of the implant and gives a long-term solution to your missing teeth.

It fuses with your surrounding bones and replaces the structure of your original tooth.

Dental implant cost in Dubai:

Dubai always provides a great service with professional dentists following international standard procedures. They also give importance to the urgency of their patients and provide services with no pain, limited cost and time-consuming procedures.

 Swift Facts  
Objectives of dental implants It is used for replacing the missing teeth
Varities of dental implants – endosteal,

– subperiosteal

Pre-treatments above dental implants – dental X-rays,

– 3D imaging,

– professional cleanup,

– root canal treatments if necessary

Timeframe for taking a dental implant Almost 9 months with Osseo integration
Aspects that fix the costs for dental implants – materials used,

– skills,

– workmanship

Individual dental implant available (YES/NO)


Dental implants in a day Yes, depending on the condition of the denture
MEGAGEN dental implants Yes, if the patient is worthy
Slightly dental implants Obtainable for lower denture
Level of difficulty Dental implants are always placed under local anesthesia
Surgical interventions for this dental implants (YES/NO) Yes
Is Dental implants suggested pregnant women? Not recommended
Approximate price for dental implants Between USD 1,000 and USD 4,000 for the whole procedure, depending on the materials used
Several costs involved Almost USD 2,000 for implant body
Sinus lift process Yes, for complex dental problems

The prices switch according to the type of implants

Even though many people take into account that dental implants are subject to high prices, i  is excellent to know that these are supported in consistency with the materials from which they are made and with the procedure made. Here are the approximate prices of dental implants in Dubai. Anyone can consider before selecting an offer from this list:

  • the dental implant full procedure costs range from $1,000 to $4,000;
  • if there are no dental bridges, the dental implants have top prices;
  • the implant materials or the cylinder as it is in form might cost about $2,000;
  • The false tooth is around $1,500, and the crossing post is around $600.

We remind you that these are the approximate costs for dental implants in Dubai, and for a personalized payment, you can choose our Dubai dentists at any time.

By Williumson

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