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Guest Post on a Targeted Niche Site

If you don’t already realise, traveler posting can help kick-start your business – particularly for writers and  paid guest posting.

Having your content material cloth on someone else’s blog now now no longer nice permits get your name out there, but it could:

Help broaden your blog

Reach greater human beings than you may on your non-public blog

Build your portfolio for unfastened

Land you clients

Find long-term freelance writing jobs

And for today’s freelance writers, traveler posting opportunities will virtually help broaden your business, making you a better writer from it.

But, how do you land a traveler post? Are there any policies to traveler posting?

The Game of Guest Posting & Finding Opportunities

When I first started out freelance writing, I observed on many freelance writers’ website, places wherein they wrote.

Guest post opportunities like She Owns It, Social Media Examiner, Life Hack, and Addicted 2 Success to name a few.

At first, I idea the ones were their writing clients, but as soon as I researched some of the webweb webweb sites, I observed that that they had traveler posting submissions.

So, as any curious writer ought to do, I tried to traveler post on the webweb webweb sites I observed distinct freelance writers traveler post on. But, I in no manner had been given accepted.

It wasn’t until I found the “policies” for traveler posting, that I rapid changed into able to land traveler posts on well-known blogs.

Soon, I had bloggers asking me if I ought to traveler post on their webweb web page.

And eventually, found about paid traveler posts.

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So, how did I do it?

Before we get into the policies of traveler posting, let’s circulate over how to tell whether or not or now no longer or now now no longer a particular webweb web page is a extremely good one to even traveler post on.

What Do Guest Posting Opportunities Want in a Writer?

There’s type of  routes to take even as making a decision to traveler post:

Guest post on a completely well-known website

Guest post on a targeted region of hobby website

Which one is better?

Well, every are exquisite to traveler post on if you’re a settlement writer. Let’s observe the ones  avenues  you could take to snag a client. Both have the ability to earn you more money in reality with the resource of the use of giving your content material cloth away for unfastened.

Guest Post on a Popular Site

Popular Paid Guest Posting sites, moreover known as authority webweb sites, are webweb sites that many human beings realise about and are ranked immoderate withinside the are trying to find engines. For example:

One Step Ahead Tech

Pensive Blogs

Popular Patrika

Learning Is Wisdom

Humsabki Aawaz

RP Magazine

But, what if you don’t realise any of these webweb webweb sites?

When I first started out freelance writing, I had no clue about Pensive Blogs or Humsabki Aawaz.

I changed into a stay-at-home mom and looking at blogs wasn’t my component.

So, to find out whether or not or now no longer or now now no longer the ones webweb sites are even well-known, I went to Similar Web to find out greater about the ones webweb sites.

Alexa can rapid offer you with an analytical evaluation of a particular webweb web page and assist you to understand if it’s virtually nicely really well worth traveler posting.

But, even if you find out immoderate authority webweb sites to your region of hobby to traveler post on, it could be distinctly hard to get your content material cloth on their web page.

Some blogs don’t offer traveler posting; rather, they come to you and ask you to traveler post.

It’s a virtually nicely really well worth a try, but, to pitch to them and see what comes of it.

The biggest advantage for traveler posting on a immoderate score webweb web page is the variety of human beings an amazing manner to be viewing your content material cloth and sharing it on social media.

When you have were given immoderate social proof that your content material cloth can generate engagement and traffic, it shows to ability clients your credibility in replicating this for them.

Guest Post on a Targeted Niche Site

For new freelance writers, you may think it’s better to be a jack of all trades – if I can write about anything, I’ll get greater art work and more money.

You need to take time to slender your interest and nice pick out to install writing about specific topics or industries. Doing so will make it much less tough so one can find out clients, offer you with content material cloth, and—here’s the best part—earn higher prices.

The greater you interest on a given region of hobby, the greater of an expert you become; and this, in turn, lets in you to command higher prices since businesses are greater willing to pay a pinnacle elegance for content material cloth produced with the resource of the use of those who have specialized knowledge.

So, in advance than you are taking the plunge into freelance writing, you could want to recall focusing on a region of hobby, or topics you want to pay attention on even as finding traveler posting opportunities.

To help you chop you interest, you could traveler post on targeted niches to help assemble your expertise in that region of hobby.

As nicely, I also can write about training since my records is in Psychology.

But, from traveler posting on severa targeted niches, I found I moreover cherished writing about,

Natural health

Social media

Digital marketing

From traveler posting in targeted niches, I changed into able to regular clients withinside the ones niches and earn higher prices because of my specializations.

Landing Your Next Guest Post Opportunity

So, while you decided a website you want to traveler post on, how do you make sure you could get accepted?

Here are six policies that assist you to land your next traveler post and help you earn more money.

1 Read the Blog You Want to Guest Post On

This can also additionally appear to be a no-brainer, but many human beings actually want to get their writer bio and link on a few different person’s webweb web page and don’t care what blog it’s miles going on.

But, if you don’t want your writing pitch to be withinside the reject pile, you better observe a few blog posts at the manner to get an idea if this is the right blog to traveler post on.

When reading a few blog posts on the webweb web page, observe:

The length of each blog posts. Do they exceed 2000 terms or are they short and to the factor?

What form of content material cloth is on the webweb web page? Is it normally opinion-based totally absolutely or is the blog full of actionable advice for their readers?

What stand do they take withinside the blog you want to traveler post in? If you want to traveler post on a natural health website, does this webweb web page be given as authentic with in vaccinations? attachment parenting? 100% organic? Knowing this can offer you with a better chance at having your traveler post accepted.

2 Read the Guest Post Guidelines

Not every webweb web page that offers traveler posting, advertises it. But, if you Google, “webweb web page name + traveler posting” you could rapid find out whether or not or now no longer or now now no longer they do.

Here’s a give up end result of Hubspot and withinside the occasion that they offer traveler posting – and they do!

It’s important to view the traveler posting submission guidelines as each webweb web page can have very one-of-a-type guidelines.

While some nice want a headline even as you electronic mail them, others want the completed draft with an image.

So, make sure you observe everything on their traveler post submission net web page and you’ll be that an lousy lot toward landing your traveler post.

3. Have Your Guest Post Properly Formatted

If a traveler posting webweb web page doesn’t specify how they want their post, then you definitely really have the selection of writing it in HTML, MS Word or Google Docs.

The trouble comes even as the editor of the traveler posting webweb web page has to import your post into their content material cloth manipulate system (CMS).

This isn’t normally a easy transition.

If you aren’t the use of MS Word or Google Docs correctly, then the editor has to repair troubles with the heading styles and spacing manually. This can strain an editor a hint bonkers!

So, to help get on the good graces of those an amazing manner to be identifying your traveler posting fate, use STYLES!

Did you understand MS Word and Google Docs have their non-public styles?

When you use styles, it robotically fixes any troubles with headings you may have.

Another trouble editors face is the spacing.

When you write your file in Word or Google Docs, most in all likelihood you press enter instances in-amongst paragraphs.

When your file is formatted in a CMS, those regions triple. The editor then has to manually repair the spacing troubles to your post.

To avoid this, you want to set your paragraph spacing.

Currently, I realise of nice one way of doing this – manually. Here are  tactics to move about this:

Write your whole post with nice moving into as quickly as for each paragraph.

Highlight your text and then go to FORMAT –> LINE SPACING –> ADD SPACE AFTER PARAGRAPH

Another way is to start your post and in advance than every new paragraph, manually  format the street spacing with the resource of the use of going to FORMAT as validated above.

If this is too much for you, Google Docs moreover has a exquisite addat once to help with this dilemma – the Publish to WordPress add-on.

It’s unfastened and lets in you to install writing your post in Google Docs and proper now placed up it on your WordPress webweb web page.

There’s no need to even visit your webweb web page! But, this doesn’t usually help collectively together with your traveler post.

If you have were given MS Word in Windows, click on on on the link and find out instructions at the manner to repair your spacing troubles on your file.

In MS Word for Mac, at the manner to do a brief repair of your file, you could want to move EDIT –> FIND —> REPLACE. It will open up a side panel:

Under “Search filepick out Paragraph Mark, and then pick out it again. In the “Replace With” pick out Paragraph Mark as quickly as.

Click on “Replace All” until it’s miles completed. When it’s completed, there want to be no spacing many of the paragraphs.

Sometimes, though, Word will byskip over a mark, so you also can moreover need to manually delete the space yourself.

Once your file is free of regions, select it all and go to FORMAT —> PARAGRAPH

MS Word opens up the Paragraph Indents and Spacing tab.

In the “Spacing” section, set your “Before” to 0 and your “After” to Auto.

Set your “Line Spacing” to single. Press “Ok.” Your file is nicely formatted.

Now, it can look exactly find it irresistible did in advance than you accomplished spherical with it, but even as it’s miles formatted in a CMS, there will now no longer be massive gaps amongst your paragraphs.

4 Always Be Friendly in Your Pitch

Editors and blog owners get masses of requests for traveler posts on a each day basis.

They need to weed via many submissions and if you want yours to stand out, you better have some individual to your pitch.

Since such a number of blog webweb webweb sites that offer traveler posting are flooded with requests, you could stand out with the resource of the use of:

Using the editor’s name (if you realise it)

Mention that you are a reader of the blog (or factor out a favorite post)

Convey how your post need to help fill a gap in content material cloth, add to their hooked up content material cloth or create a today’s vicinity of interest

Above all, be human. If you have were given a today’s template you use, ditch it.

Editors and blog owners can tell withinside the occasion that they’ve obtained a cookie-cutter pitch letter.

A bonus is if you’ve been reading the blog you want to traveler post on and left considerable comments, the editor or blog owner will see your individual to your comment.

This will create a long-lasting impact on them and may make it much less tough so one can land a traveler post on their webweb web page.

Be particular with every pitch!

5 Mention Other Places You’ve Guest Posted On

If you’ve traveler posted on distinct well-known webweb webweb sites, factor out this to your pitch.

Editors want self perception to your ability to install writing well-known content material cloth.

Even if your post is scheduled for publication, include that withinside the email you deliver.

If you could validate your credibility as an effective writer, editors and blog owners will enjoy greater comfortable in accepting your traveler post.

It doesn’t damage to name drop as nicely. According to Mary Jaksch, of Write to Done, mentioning a well-known blogger’s name can land you a traveler posting spot,

It’s a exquisite idea to name-drop. One of our university college students withinside the A-List Blogger Club recently pitched a massive blogger and wrote, “I’m in a mentoring software with Leo Babauta and Mary Jaksch.” He had been given the gig.

And, don’t worry if you don’t have any traveler posts under your belt; though maintain on pitching. Ultimately, it’s your content material cloth an amazing manner to polish and land you that traveler post spot.

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6. Spend Twice as Much Time on Your Guest Post Than on Your Own Blog Posts

Have you heard this in advance than?

Many bloggers spend hours upon hours tweaking and refining their traveler post in advance than they submit it.

Why do they be concerned over  traveler post?

Because they realise many greater human beings can be seeing their content material cloth.

If you’re fortunate enough to have your post on Smart Blogger, Copyblogger or ProBlogger, then you definitely really realise the ability your post has on those blogs in evaluation for your  blog.

So, in place of re-purposing antique content material cloth or whipping up a today’s post, sluggish down your writing process:

Come up with 10-20 headlines

Look up relevant key terms to use to your post

Create catchy subheadings

Go over your elements and make sure you have were given relevant links from the webweb web page you are traveler posting on

Write your hard draft and wait a day in advance than improving it

Have distinct human beings edit your art work and run via improving programs like Grammarly.

Proofread one remaining time in advance than you deliver itWhen you take the time to develop your elements and art work on making your writing greater succinct, it’s miles going to be a much better piece of writing.

By Williumson

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