Electrical Emergencies

Home is where you relax. But it’s impossible to relax when there is a pesky electrical problem at home. If that’s troubling, imagine an electrical emergency where you can’t reach your electrician in Frankston. The recent pandemic is the perfect example. It’s a time when everybody freaked out because help was out of reach. 

We hope that never happens again, but if you are ever in a tight situation and have an electrical emergency at home, you should know how to handle it. Electrical work needs utmost care and expertise, but we can always learn a few things to make life safer and easier. 

Here’s our guide to 4 of the most common electrical emergencies. 

1. Power outages

A power failure halts the whole day. It may happen due to a storm, short circuit, power surges, etc. Power outages can be extremely inconvenient because they disrupt communication, transportation, businesses, etc. 

So, here’s how you deal with it. 

  • First of all, check the circuit breaker. Sometimes, the power fails due to a tripped circuit breaker, which trips when an outlet is overloaded. 
  • So, check if an outlet or extension has too many appliances connected, and if so, unplug some of them to alleviate the load. 
  • Then flip the circuit breaker back on. 

Even after the power is back, don’t make the same mistake of connecting too many appliances to one circuit. Distribute the load to be safe. 

Tripped circuit breakers are very common, and this is how you deal with them without needing an electrician. However, if it happens continuously, you need to consult your electrician in Frankston and see if you need to upgrade your electrical system. 

2. Electrical fire

Faulty or exposed electrical wiring is the common cause of electrical fires. It may also be caused by energy overload or combustible objects near light bulbs. 

It’s terrifying to see an electrical fire, but before you run off to call your electrician, try to bring the situation under control in the following way; because you don’t want it to get worse before the electrician arrives. 

  • First and foremost, you should cut the power supply source. This way, the fire will be put out faster and lessens the risk of electric shocks while extinguishing the fire.
  • Use an extinguisher to dampen the fire. 

Then make your calls to your electrician or fire department. Make sure to evacuate the house if it’s difficult to control the fire. 

3. Fallen power lines

Extreme caution should be used while handling fallen power wires since they pose a serious risk to both property and lives. If you are near a fallen power line, you should follow the below instructions.

  • You should move away from the power line, maintaining at least 40 feet distance. The fallen power lines don’t always give off sparks or sounds, but the power might be surging through them. So, extreme caution is necessary. 
  • Check the area for any metal fences, puddles, or vehicles that could work as conductive materials and create an electrical hazard.
  • Don’t touch anything that is in contact with the wire, especially trees. A tree can be conductive to electricity because of its water content. 

After taking enough care for your safety, contact the authorities and let them know about the fallen power line. 

4. Electric shocks

We should always be careful with electricity. You may have the best electrician services, but you can’t predict everything. Electrical contacts can be impactless or dangerous. But when they become serious, you must act with the utmost caution. 

Electrical shocks can occur due to frayed wires, broken cords, or unregulated outlets. And this is what should be done in case of electric shocks:

  • Turn off the power supply as soon as you become aware of electrocution. 
  • If you’re not near the circuit, try to break contact between the person and the source. Make sure you use an insulated item made of wood or PVC. 
  • Don’t immediately touch the electrocuted person. Stay calm. 

After you have done what’s needed immediately, call the local emergency services


The most important thing to have during an electrical emergency is calmness. Freaking out just worsens the situation. 

One piece of advice before wrapping up is to install surge protectors for every outlet as well as safety switches. This way, you will be able to add an extra layer of protection at home because this allows you to monitor the flow of the current. 

Also, have the best electrician in dandenong at your disposal, so you can have regular maintenance of your electrical systems to ensure safety. 

By Williumson

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