Communicating With Customers

Communicating With Customers As An Amazon Seller, When you make an effort to talk to your customers in a good way, it makes a huge difference in how people see your business. You must show your customers that you care about them and pay attention to what they say. Amazon believes that “the customer is king.”

An amazon seller’s plan for Communicating With Customers has to follow the policies and rules for communication. So, what is the best way to talk to people who buy things on amazon? We’ll talk about everything you need to know about how amazon sellers can communicate with customers in an honest way, from buyer-seller messages to using your amazon product listings to actively talk to your customers.

Here are two main practices for communicating with customers as an amazon seller by gmwin software: 

Review of Customers

Customers always look at the number of stars and reviews a product has when they look at its listing. These reviews are a big part of why a customer decides to buy something. They decide whether or not to buy something based on the reviews, so they add to your overall sales. So, Amazon sellers should take advantage of these reviews by paying special attention to the negative ones and trying to fix them.

You need to keep an eye on reviews and respond to them as soon as possible, especially if they are negative. When customers see that you talk to them and respond to what they say, it makes them trust you. It usually seems very impersonal when you respond to reviews with a standard template. Taking the time to respond carefully and give customers good answers to their problems can get you a long way.

You can get rid of bad reviews if you have the right communication plan. When talking to customers through reviews, you should first try to understand their problems and fix them if you see that they’re using your product incorrectly. You could also ask customers to send the item back for an exchange or a refund. Customers can change or delete reviews, and if your answers make them happy, they will be happy to get rid of the bad feedback. Also, thank customers who are happy with the products you sell. Thank people who leave good reviews after buying something.

Keeping a professional tone in this kind of conversation is very important, and it shows how good you are at giving good customer service. It is one of the finest ways to stand out from your competitors and make more money as an Amazon Seller.

Questions from Customers 

If you scroll from the product image on any product detail page, you’ll find the Customer Questions and Answers section. Customers can ask questions about the product if the description and bullet points aren’t enough to answer their questions. It’s a very important part of the customer relationship management policy.

When they want more information about a product, they post questions to sellers. Like reviews, these questions also affect what people decide to buy. So, you need to answer these questions in the right way and give all the information you need within the 30 days you have. Responding to reviews and answering questions from customers work together to help Amazon sellers make more sales. This kind of communication helps Amazon Sellers win buyers’ trust and confidence because it shows them how much they know about the product and how good they are at selling it. When you talk to your customers, try using Amazon keywords relevant to what you are selling. This will help your listing rank higher.

Important considerations for using questions and answers in communication

  • Always have a friendly, polite, and professional attitude. Don’t let that show even if you don’t know exactly what to say. Do some research on the product or get advice from someone who knows more about it, and then answer the questions. Giving answers that aren’t fully thought out hurts your credibility.
  • If you want to answer questions well, you have the right not to answer some of them, especially if they are absurd or have nothing to do with your product. You can pick which questions to answer and which ones you don’t, and it’s best to ignore the silly or unimportant ones.
  • Make sure your answers are quick and up-to-date. Don’t take too long to answer. The question could have come from a potential customer who is waiting for you to answer so he can go ahead and buy. But he won’t wait forever, so make sure you answer him on time. 
  • This part of a product listing should be short and straight to the point. If you don’t have to, try to avoid giving long, detailed answers. Shoppers want content that is easy to scan, so make sure your answers are short and to the point.

Guidelines for Amazon Seller Communication

There are rules to protect buyers and Amazon sellers from fraud and other illegal tactics that competitors may use. If you don’t follow these rules, your ability to sell may be taken away, and you may not be able to send Proactive Permitted Messages. Amazon is very serious about what you can and can’t send to your customers.

Here’s what they are:

  • All Proactive Permitted messages must be sent within 30 days of the order being completed. They must also include the 17-digit order ID and be translated into the language the buyer prefers.
  • Sellers on Amazon can’t send messages to confirm orders or shipping.
  • You can’t send marketing and promotional content along with messages that say “Thank you.” However, you can use amazon marketing services for promotional content. 
  • You can’t send messages to your customers asking them to write reviews in exchange for gifts, discounts, free products, etc.
  • Sellers can’t ask customers to remove a review they’ve already written.
  • Phone numbers can only be included if they are for the product’s manufacturer or warranty.

Other messages that Amazon does not permit include:

  • Logos that take people to your website
  • Content that uses insulting, vulgar, or offensive language
  • GIFs and Emojis
  • Purchased pictures of products
  • Any images that aren’t yours or have nothing to do with your brand.

Tips on how to talk to Amazon customers better as an Amazon Seller

  • Remember to answer Customer Questions and Answers as quickly as possible and with a personal touch.
  • Keep your answers short, but don’t just say “yes” or “no”; that looks rude.
  • Make sure that your messages’ font color and line height match what Amazon says are the defaults.
  • Only use images that have an HTTP address.
  • Don’t use more than three different sizes of font.
  • Make sure, above all, that your messages don’t have spelling mistakes. The grammar of the text has to be correct.


The entire process of selling items on Amazon includes communication as one of its most vital components. Having a positive relationship with your consumers and increasing your conversion rates both benefit from this. Do not take any shortcuts in this process since doing so is the single most precarious thing you can do to guarantee that you are in compliance with Amazon’s Communication Policy Guidelines. Additionally, ensure that you are up to speed with any changes that they may make to their rules.

By Williumson

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