Car foiling is a simple but effective way to customize your car – and it’s cheaper than getting a full paint job! It comes in many colours, and you can get something that matches your personality or reflects your interests.

Where Can I Get Vehicle Foil?

Another option is car foiling Oslo. Instead of painting your car, you can foil the paint job and make it look like metal. One advantage of this method is that it’s possible to get a much more elaborate design because the foil comes in a variety of patterns and materials. You may also want to know that while it will cost more than paint, you can usually save quite a bit of money by avoiding all the expensive body work needed after doing just the foil.

Other Options to Paint Your Car

If you want more than just a solid colour, and are willing to spend more money, there is another option – car foiling. Using a technique of applying various shades of metallic colours through spray paint and stencils, car foiling can give your vehicle an entirely new appearance while also providing additional protection from rust. Car foiling has been taking the world by storm recently, so finding someone in your area who can do this for you should be quite easy.

Applying The Design

-Examine the vehicle and decide what you want your design to look like
-Cover any of the parts of the car you don’t want coated in foil by placing masking tape or paint over them
-Mark an area where the idea will end with a magic marker, because once you start foiling, there’s no going back!

-Determine how many pieces of foil are needed. One package of 12-inch foil sheets can make two full panels for the hood and trunk, but you may need more depending on how intricate your design is. One package of 12-inch sheets typically has enough for two complete panels on the trunk lid, one panel on each side of the car from front bumper to rear bumper as well as both sides of all four doors – but again this will depend on what kind of detail you want in your design.

What To Avoid With Vehicle Foil

Vehicle foil, also known as paint decals or metalized film can go over your paint job and come in a variety of textures and colours, adding depth and interest to your design. But there are a few things you need to consider before getting it done. The car foil will alter the way light reflects off the surface of your vehicle so that this mirror-like finish is either brightened or darkened by the addition of the foils.

This means that if you have a glossy coating on your car, then the surface will become darker; while matte finishes will become brighter. What’s more, the metallic finish can crack when scratched, dent if knocked against another object or chip in extreme weather conditions such as heavy rain or ice so make sure you keep it covered at all times.

By Williumson

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