Why Will Amazon Suspend Your Account?

Amazon, like any other business, needs the sellers on its platform to do well. And performance metrics are one way to measure this performance. If you don’t meet Amazon’s performance goals, Amazon will suspend your account. You also need to know these things if you want to write a more detailed and convincing letter to get your job back.

Amazon Has Three Ways To Figure Out How Well A Seller Is Doing.

Order defect rate: This ratio shows how many orders have gotten negative feedback, a service credit card chargeback, or a claim under the A-to-Z guarantee.

You can figure out the pre-fulfillment cancellation ratio by dividing the number of orders you canceled before confirming delivery by the total number of orders you got during the same time period.

You can figure out the late shipment rate by dividing the number of orders you shipped after the shipping date by the total number of orders you shipped during the same time period.

Amazon suggests keeping these ratios under 1%, 2.5%, and 4%, respectively, to avoid having your account closed. Again, Amazon won’t tell you specifics about where you’re having trouble. It’s up to you to find and figure out where everything went wrong. 

Amazon Selling Policy Violation

Amazon wants to help your business grow, but they also want their customers to feel safe and have a good time when they shop. When you signed up to sell on Amazon, you agreed to follow their rules for sellers and the community. So, if you break any of their rules for the community, the company can and will close your account.

How to Prevent Your Business from Getting Suspended?

Whether you are a new or an experienced Amazon seller, you may have to deal with a suspended account. Account suspension is a common problem for sellers, and getting your account back up and running can be hard.

Even though Amazon is pretty clear about its rules and regulations, it is surprising that many sellers get their accounts suspended.  When your Amazon seller account is suspended, you can’t sell your products and still have to pay for the warehouse. This can really cost you money in lost sales. Even worse, the energy and money you spend trying to get your account back in good standing can be draining.

Skilled Amazon experts can make it easier to deal with a suspended account. Still, you should try to avoid having your account suspended in the first place before we talk about what you can do to keep your Amazon seller account from being suspended. 

Amazon is open and honest about its policies and procedures, in contrast to the variety of scary rumors that circulate on the internet about accounts being suspended.  Nevertheless, in order to safeguard your earnings, here are some extra suggestions: 

1.      Know Amazon’s Rules And Policies And Stick To Them.

You receive an email of information, to inform you of any changes to these rules when they occur. Even though it’s easy to ignore these emails or put them off until later, make sure you know about any changes. If you break Amazon’s rules about content or safety in any way, there is a good chance that your account will be suspended. The team in charge of product safety is very strict. Instead of giving you a warning, they will first suspend your Seller Account and then ask you what you plan to do. Make sure that your products don’t break Amazon’s rules. 

2.      Make Sure You Have The Correct Paperwork.

When you sign up for an Amazon Seller Account, make sure the right paperwork is scanned and uploaded to make it easy for Amazon to check. On the scanned document, you shouldn’t be able to see any fingers or shadows. Take pictures during the day and in a room that doesn’t get direct sunlight. This will stop any shadows that you don’t want. Put the papers on the ground and lean over them to get the best view. These are important papers, so take your time getting the picture right. You will need to ensure that all the information you upload is correct and matches the documents you upload. Before the busy season starts, go over everything again to make sure it’s all right. Make sure that the name and address of your business are the same as what is on your bank statement, passport, and driver’s license. If there are any differences, your application for a Seller Account could be turned down, which would mean it would be over before it even began.

Keep An Eye Out For Caution Signs

As a general rule, Amazon will issue you a warning regarding your seller status before terminating your account. Don’t disregard Amazon alerts. Respond in a manner that is both professional and polite to any concerns from customers. When you receive a warning about your Amazon account, make sure you keep the channels of communication open with Amazon. The more responsive you are, the lower the possibility that you will have to deal with a suspension of your account.

Take The Initiative And Always Tell The Truth

The level of happiness experienced by Amazon buyers is one of the most reliable indicators of a successful Amazon seller account. Get rid of any goods that appear to be causing difficulties or have received unfavorable comments from customers. Notify customers really quickly of any potential problems with inventories, delays in shipment, or goods that are no longer available for purchase. Provide clear information on product descriptions, shipment schedules, and policies for returns and exchanges. Put forth the extra effort to create a great experience for your customers and customize their encounters with you. You can use amazon marketing services for better and trusted advertising.

Keep Track Of Your Metrics

The Amazon Seller Central dashboard is a great way for sellers to find out about the health of their accounts. Metrics are important indicators linking your customers’ overall experience to your account’s success. Pay attention to the data to make sure you always meet the criteria for an Amazon seller account.

  • Less than 5% of negative feedback
  • The order failure rate of 1%
  • Pre-fulfillment cancel rate <2.5%
  • The rate of late shipments is less than 4%

As the biggest online store in the world, Amazon has high standards for its seller accounts. When your performance goes down, they start to wonder if you can still give them the level of service they need. If your ratings go down, you should act right away. 


Do you agree that the worst thing that can happen to an Amazon seller is to have their account shut down? Most of the time, sellers find out that their Amazon account has been suspended when they get an email or try to log in. What comes next are long fights with the big online company, where you have to prove your innocence, promise to get better, or both.

With the right Amazon action plan and with the above steps, you can prevent your account from suspension.  Once your Amazon seller account is suspended, you’ll have to do a lot of things to get it back open. It is easier to just stop this from happening and not let it get to that point. Many of the things that can cause Amazon to suspend a seller’s account are easy to fix. Remember that if you sell on Amazon’s marketplace, you must follow Amazon’s rules, not your own.

By Williumson

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