The “crowning splendour” of a person, their hair directly reflects their personality and sense of style. Particularly for women, excessive hair loss can be a bothersome issue that frequently causes stress and lowers self-esteem. However, if detected correctly, you can stop hair loss with several natural home remedies that work to keep your locks healthy.

Hair Loss Factors

1. Nutritional adequacy

It’s likely that important nutrients like iron, copper, zinc, and proteins aren’t present in your diet. Vitamin D insufficiency is another factor in hair loss. Make sure you go outside and get some sun to prevent this.

2. Unbalanced Hormones

Women may encounter hormonal imbalances after the age of 30, which can result in hair loss. This is typically brought on by an excessive conversion of DHT. Although oestrogen is the primary androgen that women make, the female body also contains testosterone and other androgens like DHEA. Women may start to convert these androgens to DHT as they become older. You can read some best health and wellness blogs. Most of them would be having this as the main point of causing hair fall.

3. Thyroid problems

The cycle of hair growth may alter if the thyroid gland, located at the front of the neck, produces too much or not enough thyroid hormone. However, in addition to hair loss, you may also experience weight gain or loss, sensitivity to cold or heat, and changes in heart rate if you do have a thyroid condition.

4. Stress

Sudden hair loss that may linger for several months might be brought on by extreme stress. Your chances of experiencing hair loss will be lower if you reduce your stress levels through exercise, yoga, meditation, and massages. Many health and wellness blogs quote this problem. Yes, stress is the main factor which causes hair fall.

Medical Treatment for Hair Fall

  • Lavender Essential Oil

Hair growth is reportedly sped up by lavender. It possesses qualities that aid in cell growth and stress reduction. Researchers have shown that it promotes hair growth as well. Its antimicrobial and antibacterial characteristics are an added bonus because they aid to improve the health of your scalp.

Apply this oil straight to your scalp by combining 3 spoons of it with carrier oil, such as melted coconut oil or olive oil. Before washing it with shampoo, let it sit for 10 minutes and soak into the hair. This procedure can be repeated multiple times per week.

  • Shampoo

Understanding your scalp type and selecting the appropriate shampoo is crucial. Additionally, depending on your scalp, you should shampoo your hair. For instance, over-washing hair with a dry scalp or failing to wash oily locks three times each week can contribute to hair loss.

Additionally, check to see if the shampoo contains sulphates, parabens, or silicone, which can weaken your hair and increase the risk of breakage.

  • Diet and Exercise

You must provide your hair with the proper nutrients, notably a lot of protein and iron. However, make sure you exercise in addition to consuming a balanced diet. Yoga and meditation can help you stop losing hair.

  • Oiling

Oiling strengthens the roots and increases blood circulation. Make sure to massage your hair with an oil designed for your scalp once a week. After two hours, cover it with a shower cap and gently shampoo it off. Oiling can be the best way to treat problems like hair fall as is quoted by some good and authentic health and wellness blogs.

By Williumson

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