What Is College Life Like At A Christian University?

Various aspects of campus life are evident in Christian college campuses and secular campuses. These vary from course work, budgets, time management, relationships, future possibilities, and many more. However, the underlying difference is that students, staff, and faculty in a Christian campus are connected through Jesus Christ. That being said, here are a few areas that cover life at Christian universities.

1.Christian oriented environment

If you anticipate joining a Christian university, you probably want a Christ-centered atmosphere where you can grow and nurture your faith. Christian colleges have Christ at the center of all activities, whether in the curriculum, extra-curricular activities, or on-campus events. Nonetheless, this does not mean that life is boring.

2.Experience different theological perspectives

Whether you attend an on-site Christian campus or a private Christian college online, you are likely to meet people from different denomination backgrounds. Every student, staff, or administrator attends a different church with different theological ideologies from your church. This, therefore, allows you to meet individuals who can challenge your faith, shape your Christian values and strengthen your faith. You will also learn of the various ways you can view Christ as our savior and his connectedness and undying love for humanity. These conversations will further strengthen your identity as a Christian.

3.Shared value among friends

In secular university campuses, it is possible to find only one devoted Christian among a group of friends. Equally, finding friends who have their faith embedded in the way of Christ is very rare. This is not the case for a Christian university where everyone shares the same values of Christianity. Here you find people who share Christ’s love like you. Hence you will not have any trouble blending in or making friends.

4.Mentorship and Discipleship

You will appreciate joining a Christian university based on how everyone around you becomes your friend and mentor. These people are not limited to coaches, professors, and advisors. Everyone within the campus premises aims at helping you grow personally and spiritually. Various meetings are arranged where your coaches can listen to your Christianity needs and impart wisdom to nourish your soul. Your peers, too, will share their spiritual journey, putting you on the same path towards spiritual fulfillment.

5.Separate dormitories

This may is much expected of a typical Christian university. Unless you are attending a private Christian college online, there are separate dorms for each gender on the campus premises. The administration sets rules on the hours you can visit the opposite gender’s premises. Hence you can enjoy a great deal of privacy and well-being. This also gives the students a chance to build friendships in their dormitories, further setting a baseline of brotherhood and sisterhood in Christ.

6.Plenty of activities

Like secular universities, Christian universities are filled with numerous opportunities besides Christianity and the bible. If you are inspired to be a leader, you can involve yourself in school politics and become the students’ body president. You can also grow your interests such as sports or music allowed within the campus premises. Some activities for students include theater productions to create Christian-based films, music ensembles, worship teams, student journalism, bible study groups, and more.

7.Every day is chapel day.

Most Christian universities have their chapel services conducted daily. The service includes students, staff, faculty, and friends who come together to worship God. Every day should begin and end with Christ, and this service gives room for people to listen to challenging and encouraging messages for a better life. Chapel services may also invite guest speakers who teach about aspects of Christ’s life that you have never heard about. If you are attending a private Christian college online, you can listen to chapel podcasts to nourish your soul and bring you closer to Christ without being in the presence of your peers.


Christian universities thrive on the belief that heaven favors highly productive individuals. This, therefore, means that you will find faculty, staff, and students living in an orderly environment where people adhere to rules. Students are hardworking and committed to self-improvement, one of the critical values for human growth in Christ.
Christian university life is not dull, and many students attending these institutions are happy and motivated to be part of the awakening. If you are preparing to join a Christian college campus, these are some things to expect.