The complete guide to YouTube’s channels, plans, prices, and more, according to YouTube TV 2022

The YouTube TV service is still largely the same as it was at the end of 2021 as 2022 gets under way. We’re here to provide you with information so you can choose the package that’s best for you, but with new channels like PBS being introduced and features like a new and improved DVR being offered, it might be difficult.

With a YouTube TV subscription, users may stream live news, sports, as well as mainstream entertainment and lifestyle channels. The well-known video-sharing platform with the same name, a Google subsidiary, is the service’s owner. Nevertheless, it is a totally different service that, depending on the viewer’s location, offers over 70 live YouTube TV channels and a cable-like experience. Subscribers get access to other YouTube TV add-ons that give them more alternatives for what to watch.

This article will give a general summary of the YouTube TV subscription plan, the channels and bundles that are available to customers, and the possible plans for payment.

How does YouTube TV operate?

Live TV streaming service YouTube TV.

Live TV streaming service YouTube TV is run by Google. It offers a monthly membership with no yearly commitment, no requirement for satellite technology, and no restrictions on where and when you can stream content.

Subscribers to YouTube TV can watch the well-known channels they often watch on cable and satellite TV live online. It delivers a cable-like experience that enables users to record an endless quantity of information to watch at a later time, scroll through current programmes, and watch YouTube channels live.

The monthly cost of a YouTube TV promo code subscription is $49.99. It lacks several levels or bundles, in contrast to many other streaming service providers. There is no need to upgrade or compare different plan options because all YouTube TV channels are included in the basic service. Through add-on channels, subscribers can, however, buy more programming.

In February 2017, the live TV streaming service debuted with a $35 monthly price tag. In March 2018, the cost increased to $40 per month, then to $49.99 per month, and finally to $64.99 per month with the inclusion of ViacomCBS channels. In addition to adding networks like TBS, CNN, NBA TV, and the MLB Network, YouTube TV also expanded to 94 new US markets during the time of that price increase.

Which major networks are available on YouTube TV?

News programmes on YouTube.

Major news networks as well as well-liked entertainment and lifestyle channels can be found on YouTube TV’s channel list. It provides comprehensive 24-hour news coverage on networks like:

  • CNN International
  • CNBC
  • CNN

Additionally, YouTube TV offers local news from ABC, CBS, and NBC.

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