Rockspace AC750 Setup: All You Need to Know

Rockspace extenders are taking the whole world by storm with their high performance and great features. If you have also invested in a Rockspace extender and looking to configure it, then this guide covers every bit of information for you. Here, in this guide, we are taking reference to Rockspace AC750, however, you can use the steps for any Rockspace extender model you have. Walk through the sections below and learn to make your Rockspace extender up and running.

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How to do Rockspace AC750 Setup?

Like other brands, a Rockspace extender can also be installed using various methods. You can either opt for the manual method or make things happen with the help of the WPS button, the choice is all yours.

Manually Set up Rockspace AC750 WiFi Range Extender

You can make your AC750 device functional using the manual method. Here’s how:

  • Get the hardware of your extender out from its box and make sure no part is damaged.

Note: If the Rockspace extender model you have supports external antennas then get them attached to the extender correctly.

  • Let your Rockspace extender sit next to your home router. However, after completing the Rock space WiFi extender setup process, you can change the location of your device.
  • Now, plug the power adapter of your Rockspace AC750 extender into a wall socket and turn on the Power button.
  • In a while, you will find that the power LED of your device has become stable after a few blinks.
  • Now, get your Rockspace AC750 extender connected to the home WiFi router. There is an option for users to connect the device either using an Ethernet cable or wirelessly. So, choose the one that fits your needs.
  • Done with connecting your devices? We hope you are!
  • Next, get access to a computer and open a web browser on it.
  • Type http://re.rockspace.local web address into the URL field and proceed further by pressing the Enter key.
  • At times, users get stuck with an error message while accessing the web address of their Rock space extenders. If you are also facing the same issue while accessing http://re.rockspace.local, it is suggested to use the default IP as an alternate.
  • You will then be taken to the Rockspace AC750 login page.
  • Input the default admin login details of your WiFi range extender into their corresponding fields and click OK.
  • This process will take you to the Rockspace AC750 setup wizard.
  • Once there, certain on-screen instructions will prompt on your system’s screen.
  • Follow all the prompts in the same manner as given and you will be able to complete the setup process of your Rockspace AC750 extender using the manual method.

For those who are not getting success with the process or looking for a shortcut to get things done, they can opt for the WPS method discussed below.

Rockspace AC750 WiFi Extender Setup via WPS

Although this method can make your device functional in a short period, you must have access to a WPS-supported router.

If your router does not support the WPS functionality, then there is no option for you to proceed with this method. Those who have WPS-supported routers available in their homes can check the steps below and learn how to set up the Rockspace AC750 WiFi range extender with the press of a button.

  • Place your Rockspace extender near your home WiFi router.
  • Make sure your router is pre-configured and turned on.
  • Plug in your Rockspace AC750’s adapter to a wall socket and power it up.
  • Now, look for the WPS button on both the devices and press them one by one.

This is all about how you can make your Rockspace AC750 extender work using the WPS method.

Once done with the completion of the process, shift your extender physically to an area where you need the lag-free internet coverage the most.

Let’s Conclude

That’s all about how you can set up Rockspace AC750 WiFi range extender using various methods. It is expected that by reading the steps given in the write-up, you will be able to make your device functional in a matter of minutes.

Although we are sure about your success, still we want to know the same from your end. We hope you will drop a line in the comments section to share your feedback.