How to do a good job in cosmetics promotion | Corporate brand planning 

Cosmetics enterprise brand planning, how to do a good job of promotion? In recent years, in the context of the rapid economic development of China’s cosmetics industry, it can be seen that China’s cosmetics industry has risen to a new level, and has always maintained the growth point of cosmetics economy, which has become the focus of cosmetics enterprises. In October 2013, the data released by the China Fragrance, Flavor and Cosmetics Industry Association showed that the production and sales of my country’s cosmetics industry has reached 320 billion yuan. At present, the cosmetics industry is developing at an annual rate of more than 10%. Moreover, with the enhancement of Chinese consumption power and the change of consumption concept, the consumption level of cosmetics is also rising. Save with all beauty discount code nhs

In the past few years, the number of Chinese cosmetics brands has continued to increase, and companies have continued to emerge, which means that the beauty industry has achieved rapid development in the market. At the same time, product-to-product competition, brand-to-brand competition, enterprise-to-enterprise competition, channel-to-channel competition, and price-to-price competition have all become the biggest pressure and entanglement for companies. From product sales competition to channel competition, from advertising to brand competition, and from brand to capital operation competition, all of them are a large amount of money spent by enterprises. In the past few years, under the squeeze of different brands and channels, many companies have come up with low-cost and free advertising strategies.

The author has learned through market research experience and knowledge that the rapid development of China’s cosmetics industry has become the mainstream trend of development. The competition between enterprises and enterprises, brands and brands, channels and channels, and price and price are the pressure points for many enterprises, so they came up with a very artistic advertising strategy to promote their corporate press releases and corporate news on many media online. At the same time, some companies have specially invited some talents who do network optimization and network promotion to help them advertise and optimize their rankings in their own companies.

In order to do a good job of knowledgeable advertising in the face of enterprises, we must first learn the knowledge of strategies. The author recently learned from the Internet that in fact, online advertising has become the first choice for many enterprises to do because the cost of online advertising is very low. However, some advertisements are willing to help. You do a trial advertisement for a few months, and at the same time, you write a new advertising website, and you are also looking for a cosmetic brand to name, enrich and increase the information and related news reports on their website, and increase the traffic and click rate of the website.

The author believes that: For enterprises to make free advertisements, they should refer to many aspects:

1. Do free trial advertisements: 

At the same time, cosmetics brands are not increasing, and at the same time, many new portals are seen on the Internet. Sometimes there are portals that do online investment advertisements. You can follow them to talk about free trial advertisements. Generally, For 1 to 2 months, investment portals generally combine the overall image with pictures and articles. If the click traffic and message effect are good, we will talk about cooperation, but when we encounter many such companies, we can use common sense. Doing free advertising and using other people’s resources to help the company’s brand communication and promotion will help improve brand awareness and reputation, and allow more people to understand the company’s brand and advertising efforts.  Check out Lookfantastic discount code

2. Network Alliance Friendship Link Advertising: 

In order to expand the advertising awareness and let more people know about the corporate brand, you should find a variety of professional portal websites to make friendship links, which can quickly increase the brand awareness, and at the same time, your own website will also get more. Click-through rate, network alliance friendship link advertising promotion, is conducive to the rapid promotion of the brand. 

3. Free online media advertisements: 

Find a variety of professional portal websites on the Internet, publish corporate information and related brand news, product pictures, register free accounts, publish more information, and publish more corporate soft articles and product pictures. At the same time, some related portals also reprint the company’s articles, and the efficiency of reprinting and dissemination through the Internet is very high, and the brand awareness and reputation of the company are getting higher and higher.

4. Advertising strategy of channel allies: 

Under many different channels, companies are encouraged to find good channel allies and let them help with free advertising. The corporate headquarters, unified image and gifts are placed in different channels, with unified image advertising pictures and light box advertisements , color pages, leaflets, coupons for promotions, samples, and put them there. Let the channel allies help you to advertise for free advertising rent. 

As long as you buy any product in these channels, a sample of the company’s brand will be sent, and you will buy as many products of this brand as you can and how much cash will be given. When the channel allies sell it, the company must Rewards to channel allies, such as selling a bottle of toner for 100 yuan, enterprises should give channel allies 15~20 yuan such rewards, and good channel allies, corporate headquarters will give corresponding excellent certificates.

5. Enterprises help dealers to design promotional activities for free: 

how can enterprises help dealers to do a planning activity, design a good activity, from the overall style image and advertising image, color pages, leaflets, POP posters, outdoor advertising Wait, let the dealers do it according to the design of the enterprise, the dealers pay for the activities, and the enterprise does the design for free, so as to encourage the dealers to do well and reward the dealers and impress the enthusiasm of the dealers, so that the dealers can help the enterprise to do free Advertise it.

For the above advertising strategies, cosmetics companies should be able to use them. After years of market research and terminal market operation experience, brand planning expert Lin Yipu pointed out: China’s cosmetics industry is facing more and more severe tests, and emerging companies Among them, it has to be seen that due to lack of strength, lack of advertising efforts, technology, brand, and capital, it is not as good as others, so what? The above advertising strategies are rarely seen in the cosmetics industry.

Many Chinese companies have different views on how to advertise in Chinese cosmetics companies, and each viewpoint is derived from theoretical adaptability and familiarity. For enterprises to develop, advertising creativity, advertising strategies, marketing strategies, and market positioning are very important. For the author, my research shows that Chinese enterprises are purely in a tentative stage, and there is no truly systematic and operational management standard. Follow the trend, or hype, or imitate, or use the concept to make a big hit.

As far as I know, many cosmetic companies are doing free advertising recently because they are too professional. This is a kind of art and a kind of knowledge. We need to learn from these companies, and these advantages can be worth learning.

Inadvertently, I like to follow the trend and use big brands to infiltrate and combine concept hype, which has aroused heated discussion among the public, and it has become a means of advertising promotion. At this time, the brand of the enterprise, the popularity of the advertising effect has been improved, and the enterprise has gradually become popular. .

Recently, I learned about many cosmetic companies on the Internet. I saw a large piece of online advertising of these well-known brands, like the green fields in the countryside, like the blue sky. Either I saw the product pictures, or I saw a soft article, or there was a special person. Introduces, or is cheap advertising. Brands such as L’Oreal, Clinique, Biotherm, Estee Lauder, Maybelline, L’Occitane, Vichy, La Roche-Posay, Avene, etc. are all popular and highly rated on the Internet. These corporate brands have become the best in the market, and they are all familiar to the market. brand.

After many media and public discussions and reprints, comments, and Taobao marketing, these brands are all brands under high temperature. These corporate brands have become more and more powerful in advertising and become the beneficiaries in the market. Many Internet enthusiasts also Helping corporate brands to evaluate their opinions and opinions, as well as many online media, portals have picked up these corporate brands as the main headline comments and hot discussions, and also helped these corporate brands to do free advertising, the better the brand awareness and reputation. The higher it is, the better the word-of-mouth effect. Save with cult beauty discount code, cult beauty discount code nhs, cult beauty promo code nhs and cult beauty nhs discount code

There will be more and more cosmetics companies in China, and their competitiveness will become stronger and stronger. The squeeze of channels and the elimination of products will be gradually filtered out. Therefore, many emerging local cosmetics companies have begun to pay attention to the dissemination of advertisements and increase the popularity of their brands. It cannot be compared with foreign brands or some well-known domestic enterprises. For example, the domestic well-known enterprises such as Shanghai Jahwa’s Herborist, Famous Family Girl, and Sichuan Kecai are relatively mature domestic brands. It is a hot topic, and it is also a role model company in the cosmetics industry. Their word of mouth has formed a substitute for being advertised by others. Therefore, generally mature companies in the Chinese cosmetics market have become the objects of advertising. This is art. advertise?

But if we look at the case of cosmetics companies advertising on the Internet, we can see that many investment portals are almost linked to cosmetics, because many portals almost list some well-known brands, other companies think This portal is cooperating with some big companies, what a great B. In fact, this is not the case. In order to be listed, in order to increase the popularity and reputation of the portal, almost many corporate brands are beneficiaries, and many investment portals are almost looking for partners of some cosmetics companies. At the beginning, many cosmetics companies They don’t want to take risky investments, so many cosmetic companies have thought of a free trial advertising strategy to see how effective it is. So what? At this time, cosmetic brands are all benefiting brands, and the portal can help advertise, and can Listing and publicity can let more people know about it. This is the art of advertising in cosmetics companies.

In the Chinese cosmetics industry, almost 75% of the cosmetics companies that make TV commercials by local Chinese cosmetic companies will die. First of all, companies that face capital operation, unless they have financial support or no financial support, will die. already closed. For example, foreign-funded companies rely on capital operation. The emerging local cosmetics companies in China are still in the development stage, still in the growth stage, and still in a very tender stage, so they must be tempered with time and the preliminary work must be done well. Use  all beauty discount code and all beauty NHS discount code