How To Be The Perfect Date: Tips From Elite Escorts

Whether this is your first time booking a beautiful lady or an expert in the game, you need to learn how to treat your date. Booking a date with an elite courtesan escort is much like going on a date with your real partner. You don’t need experience with an escort to learn how to treat a beautiful woman. Whether you are hiring an elite courtesan in London to travel with or one to spend the day with, the first thing you should learn is how to treat and respect her. In this guide, you will learn a few essential tips on how to be the perfect date for your escort and a few escort etiquette.

Who Exactly is an Elite Courtesan?

An elite courtesan is a high-class, beautiful and intelligent woman that’s hired to spend quality time with a client and often exchange sexual favours. An elite courtesan is a high-end or unique type of courtesan. They display reserved behaviour backed up by high intelligence and exposure. These ladies often possess a flawless gift for elegant communications and are often deeply intelligent. If you need someone classy and well-travelled to spend some time with or to accompany you to an event, hiring an elite courtesan would be a great idea. They are usually very smart, a great conversationalists and will leave you wanting more.

Tips for Successfully Booking an Escort

Do your own research

The most important step when you are considering booking an escort is to do proper research. Thanks to the internet, finding an independent escort or an escort agency has become easier than ever. You need to consider factors like your purpose for booking an escort and the specific time they’ll spend with you.

Go through her profile

When you find someone you like, you need to go to her website to learn what she offers, her likes and dislikes. This often gives you an idea of how to prepare for the date.

Contact the provider

Escorts are mostly booked over the phone. If you are booking an incall, you’ll want to use your cellphone number so they can reach you easily in case things change. If you want to book outcall services, calling with a landline from the hotel or residence would be best. If you are booking from a hotel, you should be prepared to give out your room number, and the name used to book the room. Also, be ready to answer some questions from the agency, as this is a part of the verification process. Give the necessary answers but be careful not to give too much information about yourself.

How To Properly Treat Your Escort

Meeting up with your escort for a date is much like meeting a real date. You need to appear clean and remain confident. Be open to having a great time, and treat your date with respect.

Punctuality is key

Being punctual says a lot about a person, not only when meeting an escort but generally. When you are punctual, both parties can be sure they’ll have a great time. Nobody likes to wait at the start of date. If you’ll be late, give your date notice in advance. Also, call your escort to discuss details about changes in dates, venues or plans.

Make interesting conversations

Nobody enjoys awkward silences on dates or when with other people. You should try to break the silence with interesting remarks or topics. You can make relevant conversations about their day, the weather or something funny you saw on the internet. Many of these girls have great communication skills, so you won’t be bothered about leading the conversation.

Don’t ask personal questions

Discretion is very important in the world of escorts. This is for the safety of both parties: the elite courtesan escort and clients. You shouldn’t ask questions like their ‘real’ name or their family. This will be invasive, and you need to respect their privacy. Stick to mutual interests and generic topics.

Be honest about what you expect

Escorts do not read minds. You need to be honest about your needs and what you are hoping to get from that experience. Don’t trick or force your escort to do anything they don’t agree with.