Everside Health’s Technology Stack

Everside Health is a direct-to-employer primary care provider that delivers improved health outcomes and cost savings for employers Columbia Health Insurance. As the nation’s largest direct primary care and mental health provider, Everside uses tech-enabled predictive care to improve outcomes while reducing costs and providing a holistic approach to patient care.

Everside Health is a direct-to-employer primary care provider:

Everside Health, a direct-to-employer (D2E) primary care provider, is one of the largest. With nearly 340 clinics across 33 states, it provides a single point of access for a per-member, per-month fee. Everside was formerly known as Paladina Health and sold to New Enterprise Associates (NEA) in 2010. The company also raised $165 million from NEA and acquired Activate Healthcare and Healthstat. It now has over 300 clients, including unions, self-insured companies, and large companies.

The company has been expanding its services and adding specialty care coverage. It is also launching new initiatives to improve healthcare access and quality, as well as reduce cost and improve health outcomes. Unlike traditional fee-for-service providers, Everside Health uses a value-based approach to its business model. As a result, Everside Health’s executives place more importance on delivering high quality care to their patients than on maximizing patient volume. In addition, the company’s business model is aimed at delivering cost savings to employers and saving health care dollars for their employees.

Everside Health offers a full range of primary healthcare services, including preventive screenings, mental health, occupational health, and more. The company offers an integrated approach to treatment that focuses on the whole person, from birth to death. In addition, it offers 24/7 virtual access to providers. Everside claims that it saves employers an average of 17% in claims costs in the first year and 31% by year five, thanks to the program’s proactive approach to treating health issues early and preventing high-cost events.

Everside Health is one of the largest direct-to-employer primary care providers in the country. The company has nearly 400 clinics in 34 states and plans to open sixty more by 2022. Everside Health has recently been named the “Best in KLAS” award for employer-sponsored healthcare services, based on its high performance across a number of independent metrics. The company also has over 20 years of experience in providing turnkey primary care benefits for unions and municipalities.

Unlike other providers of primary care, Everside Health focuses its services on union members. Union members can access care on the same day. Moreover, the company is committed to building a long-lasting relationship with their physicians and delivers technology that supports the partnership. This unique approach to primary care results in measurable cost savings for partners and improved health outcomes for patients. The company is based in New Jersey and Pennsylvania and serves members in both states.

Its business model is tech-driven:

Everside Health is an employer-sponsored health plan that serves hundreds of thousands of patients in 34 states. It focuses on preventive healthcare for the working sick. It has been recognized as one of the best employer-sponsored health plans in 2022 by KLAS and Ernst & Young, and was recently named as the Entrepreneur of the Year for the Mountain West region (2022). This prestigious award recognizes companies with fast-growing, high-impact business models.

Everside Health has received $164 million in growth equity funding from New Enterprise Associates (NEA), Alta Partners (APM), and Endeavor Catalyst. The funds will be used to expand its network of health centers and enhance its technology stack, enabling it to provide predictive patient care.

Everside Health is one of the largest direct primary care providers in the United States. The company operates health centers near client facilities and integrates mental, occupational, and primary care. Its delivery model aligns physician and patient incentives, reducing the total cost of care. It also offers 24/7 virtual care. The company is based in Denver, Colorado.

Everside Health Group is led by Rebecca Steinfort. She never dreamed she would build a million-dollar company by developing a health plan platform. Despite the obstacles and challenges, she managed to achieve her dream and made Everside a multi-million-dollar company.

Its technology stack:

The technology stack for an outsourced health company is a tricky one to solve. It has to capture data from multiple sources, while also ensuring that care is delivered outside of the product. Ultimately, the tech stack for a healthcare company should focus on patient care. As a result, Everside Health’s technology stack consists of four key components: health carriers, electronic medical records, wellness vendors, and data.

Everside Health is a leading direct primary care provider in the U.S., serving hundreds of thousands of patients in 34 states. Its goal is to provide high-quality, preventative care for working-sick individuals. The organization’s technology stack will empower providers to provide this comprehensive patient care. The company’s innovative approach to health care has earned it recognition from the business press, including the 2022 Best in KLAS list and the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year Mountain West region.

Its approach to treating the whole person:

Everside Health is making a name for itself as a direct primary care provider. The company operates 375 health centers in over 145 markets in 34 states. In 2021, the company expects to add 52 more centers to its network. This will provide more health care options to more people. The company also provides care at affordable prices, reducing the financial burden for patients.

In May, the company launched TotalRx, a prescription solution service. The program helps patients access affordable prescription drugs from a centralized pharmacy. This includes a formulary of about 2,000 generics and brand drugs and flexible distribution channels. Its clinical pharmacists will consult with the provider and prescriber to help the patient select the best available medication for their condition.

Everside’s integrated care approach and emphasis on the whole person are its hallmarks. Its services are available at a low or no cost to patients and employers, while the company’s technology platform combines health data from multiple sources. It uses predictive analytics to find gaps in care and offers a number of convenient tools to help patients and their families manage their health. Everside’s Everside Everywhere app also helps patients stay connected with their providers. They can schedule appointments and send messages to them, access their medical records, and request prescription refills.

Everside Health offers an innovative care delivery solution to patients across the nation like Columbia Health Insurance. Offering onsite care, near-site care, and virtual care, the company positions itself as a pioneer in direct primary care. Its innovative and data-driven model aligns physician, patient, and provider incentives. As a result, patients receive better health outcomes at a lower cost.