Choosing Outrigger Pads For Your Crane

Outrigger pads are an important safety device that protects team members and equipment from damage during lifting operations. Cope Plastics engineers outrigger pads that fit a variety of equipment. There are a few factors that you should consider when choosing an outrigger pad. Read on to learn about the different types available. Using an outrigger pad on a crane is important for both safety and efficiency. In addition, outrigger pads should not span voids.

First of all, make sure your crane is equipped with outrigger pads that are the right size for your needs. If your crane is small and requires basic load distribution, medium duty pads are ideal. They are best for smaller equipment that comes with stabilizers. These pads are designed to distribute load to a larger area, allowing them to resist more forces. Heavy duty outrigger pads are ideal for medium-sized equipment and can handle reactionary forces up to 100,000 pounds.

Aside from being lightweight and easy to install, outrigger pads can also protect the crane floor. A few of the best types of outrigger crane pads are made from High Density Polyethylene (HDP), a synthetic material that can withstand thousands of pounds of force. HDP pads are also waterproof and chemical resistant, which means they won’t rust or splinter like wood outriggers do. Polymershapes can custom-design these pads for your crane.

The importance of outrigger pads cannot be overemphasized. They can prevent accidents and help you meet health and safety regulations. Not only do they protect the ground, but they also allow you to maximize the space you have on the floor for your tools. And, because outrigger pads create a larger footprint, they stabilize the crane better than the ground itself. A crane’s structural integrity is compromised when even small changes occur at its base.

For added safety, Nylacast offers custom-designed outrigger pads with a non-slip coating. These products are highly effective and prevent slipping by personnel. They come in a bright yellow color to stand out against any weather conditions. These outrigger pads are also equally reliable during harsh winter conditions, as they retain their strength even under freezing temperatures.

Synthetic outrigger pads for crane have better resistance to moisture and chemicals compared to wood. They also weigh half as much as wood. This makes them a better choice if you want to avoid injuries during jobsite work. A synthetic outrigger pad is made from a hard plastic called UHMW Read more