An easy way to convert more visitors to customers

Converting visitors to leads is very difficult in today’s competitive market. Converting visitors to customers is more difficult. Sales letters and promises no longer impress people. Coins and screenshots of commissions generated by Click Bank do not offer the same protection in the purchase decision. To effectively manage traffic and convert as many visitors as possible, you need to move your free line.

Free line

People like to get things for free. Your customers will soon judge your credibility and the value of your product based on the information you provide for free.

When you give away cheap stuff for free, people automatically assume your product is cheap too. And since you can get so much crap for free, people won’t pay to get it from you.

To be seen as the savior who solves all their problems, you first have to solve some problems for free. Once you reach Christ, you can offer a product or service.

That’s why you’ve seen so many freebies lately. Free magazines, reports, videos and e-books. People like to get things for free and most of them will not refuse the exciting opportunity.

Whatever works best

All free does not have the same value. Some products are Youtube to MP3 while others are more expensive.

It is important to know the price difference of free gifts. People value one product more than another. Believe it or not, people really want what they can get for free.

According to Launch tree research, video is considered the most valuable free product. People love videos. We see this with the rise of YouTube and other video sites

The second is PDF. Somehow people think that if it’s a PDF file, there must be something to look at. Happens often. People who make PDFs should at least invest in them, otherwise why change the file type to DOC?

The sound is like a bronze medal winner to many, but for me – the sound is the best. You don’t have to read the audio, you don’t have to wait for it to load if you stink, and you can take it anywhere if you have an MP3.