The Best Webinar Software For Marketers In 2022

Webinars are web-based seminars. A webinar is an online lecture that allows speakers or presenters to share valuable content with a large group of audiences.  

Webinars nowadays have become much more than just sharing your expertise with audiences. Webinars have emerged as a powerful tool to convert valuable leads into paying clients, but only when executed well. It is why you need the best webinar platform to rely on. 

You can not go for poor quality, interrupted non-engaging live broadcasts. To stay ahead of your competitors, you will need a webinar platform that offers you an interactive, engaging, and best-quality audio-video experience that inspires conversions. Moreover, the right webinar software helps you in building a trustworthy relationship with your potential targeted customers.  

According to a recent survey, 54% of marketers are planning to use a webinar for marketing their products and services in 2022. Hence to help you in selecting the right platform for your webinar we have come up with some best options in this blog. 


Mixhubb is one of the best and most popular webinar software and video conferencing platforms. It lets you host unexampled webinars in no time. It is all in one webinar platform for hosting online conferences, exhibitions, meetings, and networking. Furthermore, Mixhubb provides organizers with boundless branding opportunities. 

  • It is a browser-based online platform, enabling attendees to log in to webinars directly from their desired browsers.
  • Mixhubb offers a free plan.
  • Within a few clicks, hosts can create and execute captivating webinars of any size on this platform.
  • It offers you a 3D user interface that aids hosts in bringing their audiences closer to reality.
  • Mixhubb  boosts interactivity with its top-notch engagement and networking features. Chat, polls, Q&As, networking tables, group calls, and breakout rooms are some of its engagement and networking features.
  • This webinar platform also allows users to customize the branded webinars. Users can even create a website for their event within a few minutes.
  • Mixhubb also allows users to customize the content of the webinars, and add speakers’ bios, videos, and maps.
  • Mixhubb’s emailer and invite automation aid organizers to keep their attendees updated about the upcoming webinar. Moreover, users can also schedule a series of reminder notifications via email to ensure maximum show-up rates.
  • Other features of Mixhubb include Recording, detailed Data Analytics, and Broadcasting Studio.


WebinarJam offers you the best webinar hosting services. It has an easy-to-use setup that is especially effective for selling products. During the webinar, WebinarJam allows sponsors to pop up their products and services so that the audience can directly purchase them. 

  • WebinarJam is a cloud-based online platform that allows organizers to connect and reach up to 5,000 attendees in one single presentation.
  • It also offers a trial for 14 days.
  • WebinarJam allows up to 6 presenters to broadcast the content.
  • It is a multi-device compatible platform, enabling attendees to access the webinar from any device like laptops, desktops, and mobile phones. 
  • WebinarJam offers you high-quality video and audio broadcasting.
  • It automatically records your live webinars and its “Replica Replay” feature lets you replay your live webinar second by second. 
  • Moreover, you can also schedule your webinars and host a series of recurring webinars.
  • Other features of webinarJam include chat, polls, Q&As, attendee spotlight, and browser-based.


Demio is an online tool for hosting live and on-demand webinars. It is the ideal platform for marketers, with several tools for promotions.

  • Demio is a browser-based software that enables attendees to join the webinar from their browser.
  • This web-based platform allows users to customize the domain and add the logo of the brand they have aligned with.
  • Moreover, Demio offers highly customized webinar pages.
  • It also offers engagement features like live chat, polls, quizzes, and featured action to inspire action and drive more revenue.
  • Its robust analytics helps organizers track the rate of engagement of attendees and find which attendees have answered the question or downloaded the handout.
  • Other features of Demio include private or public chats, emojis gestures, bringing attendees on stage, and track registration.


WebinarNinja is a webinar platform that supports live, automated, hybrid, and series webinars. Moreover, it is the perfect platform for high-quality training and coaching. 

  • WebinarNinja offers a gated landing page option to charge for events. It allows you to connect with your audience in real time or at any time. 
  • This web-based platform enables you to host engaging, interactive live and automated presentations, making it the best webinar platform for coaches and creators.
  • Moreover, its built-in email lets you send automatic notifications, reminders, thank you and follow up with ease.
  • WebinarNinja is Integrated with all your CRM and email software.
  • It also allows you to customize registration and thank you pages, forms, emails, and buttons in any language.


GoToWebinar is the most versatile software for hosting hassle-free webinars. Indeed, it is one of the best platforms for remote teams to connect and collaborate. From pre-recorded product demos to multi-day conferences, GoToWebinar is there for you. 

  • It is a browser-based platform, enabling up to 3,000 attendees to join the webinar directly from their browsers.
  • GoToWebinar allows users to seamlessly integrate with their CRM and let them track the leads.
  • Moreover, this software allows users to launch the meeting from MS and integrate it with the apps they are already using.
  • It also allows users to host a pre-recorded webinar on GoTOStage to the attention of new attendees.
  • Users can also customize the registration form according to themselves to collect attendees’ information.

Webinars are great marketing tools for businesses of any scale. Whether you are a freelancer, have a startup or a solopreneur, or have a large enterprise, webinars are equally crucial for your marketing arsenal. With the right webinar platform, you can save your efforts, money, and time in the planning, execution, and promotion of your webinar. 

Hopefully, this blog will help in identifying the best suitable webinar platform for your business. You can try one of these webinar platforms for your upcoming webinar or online event.