Screen recorder with Facecam- Put Your Face in a Video

You probably have heard of the screen recorder apps on mobile phones. Such applications have made life easier in so many ways. Screen video recorders let you record directly from your screen and edit, distribute, or save it to your device. A screen video recorder is an excellent tool for those who work from home, for students taking lessons online, for gamers, for content producers, etc.

Using a screen recording application, you can capture the technical support you receive via video conversation when you run into difficulty and are given the go-ahead. Later, you can send that recording to other people via email, zoom youtube etc. In this way, screen recording can help you in your problem-solving. Moreover, it allows others to gain from your experience.

So, if you are looking for the best screen recorder with a face cam, the MJ facecam recorder is best for you! 

What is a Screen Recorder And Facecam Recorder?

  • Screen Recorder

An application for recording live screen video is a screen recorder. With or without a front camera, you may record and capture your smartphone’s screen in video format. For this, you can use a free, simple Mj ScreenRecorder app.

By turning on the front camera, you can simultaneously record your video and the mobile screen if you want to. The mobile screen can be recorded as well as your own video.

The interactive video feature of MJ ScreenRecorder is useful for app developers to record videos that demonstrate how to use their applications. It is the finest tool for recording tutorials for any app.

  • Facecam recorder 

A facecam recorder is an app that allows the users to record a live face video such as let play video. Previously, people recorded their mobile screens separately from their cameras. Then they combine the recorded movies using video editing software to add a face to a video. 

Technology has advanced so quickly that you are no longer required to link videos using video editing tools. Simply record both your mobile screen and facecam simultaneously, then submit the facecam footage to Youtube or other platforms.

Want to Record your Screen with a Facecam?

The MJ Screen recorder makes it easy to capture or record the screen of your mobile device. It captures everything on your phone’s screen with the necessary accessibility. Now it’s easy to record while you’re moving. As a screen recorder with audio, this flawless application, MJ Screen Recorder, is essential.

It is among the top face cam recorders with audio. No need to install extensions now, get your own audio and video recorder app on your mobile phone. This intuitive app offers the smart capabilities that the majority of video recording apps and face cam recorders lack.It provides a user interface that can assist you without posing any issues for you.. MJ Screen Recorder enables you to fully benefit from unlimited recording.

How to add a facecam to your gameplay or Let’s Play videos?

If you are using any mobile device, you can make your gameplay or let’s play video. Make the video more attractive by adding your face. The process of adding facecam to your gameplay is quite easy and straightforward with this application. For your convenience, we have mentioned the steps that you can follow;

  • Install the Mj screen recorder on your mobile device 
  • Start the application 
  • Open the camera from the setting 
  • Adjust camera settings front or back according to your choice. 
  • Start recording with the gameplay.

How to record your face and mobile screen together?

If you want to continue your task while recording the screen audio and video, this MJ video recorder allows you to do it.

  • Instal  the Mj screen recorder app.
  • Start the application.
  • Tap on the screen recording mode.
  • Go to the setting and enable camera recording. The video recording will start with a screen recording. 

Record your mobile screen with a back cam

There are various functions in the Facecam recorder with an audio App. It enables you to record what you need. Instead of using the facecam, you can use the back camera to record your screen.

Turn off your facecam and back camera during the recording

If you want to record only audio of your screen using this MJ audio screen recorder, you can do it. Turn off the front and back camera from the setting and record only audio. 

Download the Screen Recorder App on your mobile phone from the given link.

Record screen with face cam and upload it anywhere

Mj screen recorder provides so many benefits to the users. When you record the screen using this application, you can share the video anywhere. For example, if you record the procedure to use an app or play a game, you can also upload it on YouTube and other social media. 


The Screen Recorder allows you to record your mobile screen and share it with others. Face video can be recorded by users who have Front or Back Camera Mode chosen. Recording one’s own screen is easy with Screen Recorder with Facecam.

It is simple to use and has a number of useful features, such as the following:

  • The ability to stop
  • Continue recording
  • Record audio.

The Android screen recorder is a great feature for recording your screen with the back camera. It’s simple to incorporate mobile screen recordings into your process. Students can easily create videos for assignments. It may be used easily by YouTubers, gamers, and bloggers.