How to Prepare your Child for a Montessori Indian School in Dubai?

A parent’s most satisfying aspect is seeing their children starting the new school year and getting the best educational foundation for their life. Parents want to see the growth of their children and want to provide the educational experience beyond the classroom so that it enhances their overall learning.

 In a Montessori Curriculum setting, children get a myriad of opportunities in terms of academic prowess, developing social skills, and a deeper sense of confidence.

As a parent, your role is to support their learning and provide classroom experience at home by equipping them with required things so that they can excel throughout the year. However, most of the time parents do not have the idea or know exactly what to do. So, we have compiled this article to help parents like you who are looking for a guide to prepare their child to succeed in Montessori school.

Tips for parents by Indian School in Dubai

Incorporate healthy eating habits

This is one of the important ways where parents can indirectly help in a child’s success in an Indian school in Dubai, that is by developing healthy eating habits in them and incorporating nourishing food items into their routine. Nourishing food leads to better concentration in school and a better mood for learning.

Things to do:-

  • Feed them a nutritious breakfast before they leave for school
  • Prepare nutritious meals, and incorporate veggies and fruits.
  • Encourage them to drink healthy drinks like milk, fresh fruit juices and more water
  • Keep their sugar intake low and lessen junk foods as it leads to lethargy
  • Develop a good sleeping and waking up routine.

These small habits will benefit them greatly and establish self-discipline in them which will indirectly help them in their brain development and emotional regulation needed for their success in school.

Teach your child to be independent

It’s completely natural for parents to rush to their children in order to help them but remember their success in school depends on their individual determination to succeed. So give them many opportunities at home where they can carry out tasks independently, allowing them to struggle and solve things on their own. These things will help in developing creativity, problem-solving behaviour, imagination and power of thinking.

Things to do:-

  • When your child faces some challenges, allow them time to solve them by themselves.
  • Ask questions which will help them to go through the process of critically thinking
  • Encourage your child to develop a strong work ethic by being their role model 
  • Montessori Curriculum develops self-discipline, persistence, and consistency in them so make sure these habits will also continue at home by assigning them regular tasks such as watering plants, feeding pets, helping with daily chores, etc.
  • Teach them good self-care habits as they will learn to value themselves and develop the attitude to value others which will benefit them all their life. Not only that, it is good for their emotional and mental well-being.
  • Provide them opportunities for social interactions by taking them outside to malls, playgrounds, and parks. Let them meet other children and practice their social skills outside of school.

Engage them in activities on a regular basis

Enrolling them in after-school activities or enrichment programs will help them to be productive, and engaged in a fun learning environment. They will learn skills, gain more confidence and build self-esteem. Such programs will also help them in learning to stay away from you for hours and ease their fears if any and thus preparing them for preschool.

Note to Parents

Do not worry, there’s no single way to determine if your child is ready to start preschool as the eligibility requirements of every school differ but basic things remain the same. Many children learn things at school so it’s ok if you feel like your child isn’t playing much with other kids or they are not able to perform activities compared to others. Everyone learns in their own space but we should teach them as early as possible so that they get the habit of it. Also, there are a few things to remember.

  • Set the right expectations
  • Talk about it ahead of time
  • Involve your child in preschool preparation

Final Words

Starting preschool with new teachers, new physical space, new activities and lessons can make any children excited and nervous. So, make sure you help them get used to it by incorporating the tips given in this article and helping them in their successful school life.

Indian School in Dubai believes parents and teachers together can provide a happy, successful, empowering academic experience to children,  it is just a matter of healthy communication between each other so that they can equip children with the right things to excel intellectually, socially, and emotionally.