A brief introduction to MATLAB

MATLAB is a high-level programming language used to perform many different mathematical functions and algorithms. It is a performance tool that is used for technical computation and calculation. The user interface is simple and easy to understand, making it one of the most used programming languages across various fields and sectors. USA students who study computer programming look for Online assignments help to assist them in completing their academic projects.

History of MATLAB

MATLAB was developed around the 1960s to help its users to perform complex mathematical functions effectively and effortlessly. The early version of MATLAB could perform around 70 mathematical functions. The upgraded version of MATLAB can now perform more than 150 complex mathematical functions simultaneously. With the rise in its popularity and usage, it eventually became the default program in computers to perform various mathematical functions.

Uses of MATLAB

As a computer language, MATLAB has numerous uses, and many organisations use it. Some of the most popular usages of MATLAB are:

  • Engineering Solutions: Engineers use Matlab to perform various mathematical functions and to compute answers quickly to find various solutions to engineering
  • Embedded Systems: Matlab is used in programming various machines with embedded systems such as calculators washing machines where users and perform simple tasks associated with the machines with a simple switch/
  •  Matlab is used to connect various wireless devices seamlessly
  • Matlab is used for the processing of images and improvement  of its quality
  • Most recently, the interface of the Internet of things (IOT) uses the principles of Matlab language to ensure various devices in a network perform properly
  • With the help  of  Matlab range of digital signal processing tasks are performed 
  • Large amounts of data can be analysed in a short period with the assistance of MATLAB
  • Matlab provides necessary tools using which the user can test and analyse new functions in a programming language that can be written on a computing  device

Scope of MATLAB in career

Matlab is an important computer language that is used by various computer programmers extensively. One who has a vast amount of knowledge related to Matlab can perform various tasks related to programming and mathematical functions.

Here are some of the career options that students who are proficient in Matlab can opt for:

  • Data Scientist: A programmer who becomes an expert in Matlab can analyze a large amount of data effortlessly and could become a data scientist
  • Machine Learning: A programmer can become a machine learning expert and use the features of Matlab as machine learning and artificial intelligence tools
  • A Matlab expert becomes a graphic designing expert and could work in organizations where visual designers are in heavy demand, such as automotive or aerospace designers.
  • Matlab is used in various games and software as they ensure the user a simple interface to use
  • Matlab displays mathematical designs such as bar charts and line charts.

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