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Foam board is not just an extremely lightweight, but also robust, sturdy surface that can be used for indoor use, but some of them can last for decades–it’s fast and easy to work with.

Sign shops may offer foam board as an affordable alternative for signage, without the need for the expense of a large equipment investment.

Foamex board printing, which is a well-known substrate for signage for retail, is among the most commonly used substrates for flatbed printing; however sign shops may utilise other printers for printing onto vinyl by attaching the foam board to the vinyl for similar outcomes.

Foam substrates have the advantage that they have a sturdy structure which is an extremely light, durable and cost-effective substrate for making signs. Foam sheets can be straightforward to cut and manipulate and come in a range of finishes and facer materials.

Three Reasons To Think About Printing Boards And Signs

If you’re in the market for display boards the best choice is to look for pinnacle or Velcro-compatible alternatives. They’ve been in use for many years, and have been tested and proven to be reliable. While we’re comfortable with a product does not mean we shouldn’t think about alternatives.

1. Integrating Quality to Survive the Competition

The style and the quality of the display is the main aspect that determines if the exhibit is successful. Display boards that are printed graphically are designed to give you an advantage over traditional displays. The alternatives available online are made of high-quality components similar to the normal.

In general the display boards are more durable and protect from minor damages over time. This is essential for an LCD which is expected to never require replacement in the near future.

2. The Design Must Be Appealing

Why would you need displays that are printed when your company is committed to a certain style? If you’re trying to change the design to meet the needs of every situation the printed display boards won’t be appropriate for you.

If you need the same design for multiple occasions they will be able to provide the most durable and durable product. Also, if you’re always looking to change the look for your exhibit and are seeking solutions, this is the perfect moment to spend an extra amount to get experts on your side.

3. The Creation To Last

Display boards that are traditional are usually place in the lower-cost and enjoyable categories. It’s because their capacity is typically limit by the capacity of your imagination. While design and marketing are an area that is weak does not mean that the product you sell must be impede by it.

Display boards that are print with graphics are likely to cost more, however their design has be create around, which means that the cost is higher.

A display made from scratch might have a small level of success in a short amount of time professional printed displays could be optimise to be an excellent display tool for some time to come.

Printing With Foamex Is A Well-Known Technique

A material that can be utilise in many different ways. It’s ideal to be utilise for a variety of applications. If you’re trying to promote your business, it’s likely that you will require high-quality banners, Foamex sheets, posters and more. A reliable Foamex printing that can assist you in the process is crucial.

1. Graphics For Display

Foamex signs are great for displays since the primary requirements for display as well as other signage in the same situation is that it should be substantial and easily transportable.

2. Construction Site Signs

Foamex boards are utilise on construction site hoarding sites to ensure that all safety and health messages are communicate. Foamex Printing offers excellent construction site printing solutions that can send the message of your brand to the people you want to reach.

3. Affirmations For College And School

Foamex boards are typically use in large institutions like colleges and schools, to display graphics and information because they can be anywhere and are extremely light.

4. Point Of Sale Signs

Foamex boards can produce stunning prints. It is possible to use any colour and then shape the shape you like.

5. Event Locations

Foamex board, which is also refer to in the field of Foamex printing commonly use for signs at events to create attractive promotional and advertising at events.

We will also ensure that your website includes specific images, graphics as well as branding information. This will help you increase your amount of revenue.

We also provide customised options that will help you boost the efficiency of your campaign as well as effectively convey your message.

The Most Used Printing Material

The advantages and benefits that come with Foamex PVC board, also known as Foamex printing, must have provided the rationale behind the reason Foamex is the preferred choice of material for a variety of companies.

Its features like being light and with a thickness of 5mm 10mm, 3mm and 5mm permit you to utilise Foamex boards for completing a variety of tasks. It’s a good value for your money using this PVC Foamex coaster.

It is possible to have your business’s logo or name printed on coasters that are available for the entire world to see. With the option of customising and a wide range of colours and designs, you have the option of a wide range of choices to suit the specific requirements of your business.

Certain Things You Should Know About Foamex

Foamex is a chemical that is simple to use for print. The arrangement of molecular molecules in the hoarding panels is so that it provides Foamex panels that are flat and even surfaces, which are mostly white. This is a great feature since it permits printing on these surfaces.

If you print your image directly on Foamex it’s capable of delivering amazing matte effects. The UV varnish doesn’t only give a glossy appearance it also offers the image with additional protection.

Foamex boards are able to withstand some severe weather conditions unlike cardboard. It is possible to print on Foamex for outdoor signs. If you plan to make use of the Foamex boards for outdoor usage, the recommended thickness is 10mm, since thicknesses that are less than 3mm and 5mm Foamex aren’tsufficient to withstand the severe weather.

All boards are damage or wear over time. But Foamex is a Foamex board that is extremely resilient against the wear and tear. Thanks to our 3-millimetre foamex boards, you can create estate boards as well as safety signs.

We are able to assist you with the amazing, eco-friendly foamex board available in 5mm and 3mm sizes. We provide the best affordable prices for our products.

Benefits of Making Use Of Foamex Board Printing

If you’re interest in knowing why you should go with this particular method that uses printing with the Foamex printer on board, that’s because of particular reasons we’ve list below.

It’s easy to cut the banner into any size or shape. It is now possible to create a banner for your company. Furthermore, Foamex also comes in various sizes, making it the ideal choice for customers.

Signs made of aluminum are an investment that will endure for a long time in virtually every situation. For instance the inside signs are able to last anywhere from six years, which is the longest shelf life you can get for Foamex signs.


It is the best material for direct printing since it is much easier to cut and form, and also lighter. It is also very durable.

We have earned our trust and respect in our design and development of foamex sheets and boards. This is only one of the major features that hoarding boards widely make use of materials that are use in promotion and marketing.

With estate agent boards, you can create unique designs that match your advertising or display. They make a big impression on your business, and they inspire your customers and bring excitement.

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