Dinar Guru is a program that claims to help investors invest in the Iraqi dinar. Unfortunately, this program is a scam. Although it registers as a Money Services Business (MSB) in the US, they do not have any licenses to exchange currency or send money. This makes investing in Dinar Guru a difficult process. Instead, investors should look for a reputable online broker. A reputable broker will have dedicated hardware and a virtual private server for your transactions.

Investing in the Iraqi dinar

Investing in the Iraqi dinar is a risky proposition. While the United States invaded Iraq in 2003 and recently withdrew most of its troops, the political situation there is far from stable. Further destabilization could undermine the fledgling republic. Still, the growing market for the Iraqi dinar is driving interest among U.S. retail investors. These investors point to the near-zero interest rates of U.S. savings accounts as justification.

The Iraqi dinar is an unreliable currency, with its value fluctuating based on outside factors in the global market. This means that there is no guarantee that the dinar will appreciate in value over time. Also, the dinar is not traded through established financial institutions.

Signing up for dinar guru

Signing up for the dinar guru newsletter is free, and you’ll get email updates whenever new content is posted. These updates will include important information about marketing and online business. They will also include links to articles and blog posts. These updates can help you better understand the currency exchange and warn you of potential scams.

Among the bonuses, you’ll also get access to the Dinar Guru Insider forum, which is a Facebook private group. The group is exclusive to Dinar Guru members. You’ll receive daily updates and opinions from the top experts in the Dinar market.

Scams targeting gullible investors

Despite its name, Dinar Guru is not a scam. It is a legit currency exchange program, listed on the Global Forex Market. However, it is important to remember that the Iraqi dinar is going to devalue in December 2020. At that time, US$1 will be worth about 1,450 IQD. However, the parliament has voted to fix the rate for the next five years.

Dinar Guru targets investors and wealthy individuals. It is not listed on the global forex market, so there are risks associated with it. While legitimate financial institutions will not offer Forex trading in Iraqi dinars, individual Dinar Guru agents may be more likely to be scams. Before investing in any of the Dinar Guru products, make sure to read all the website’s information and reviews. If you do not find information on how the company operates, then do not invest in it.

Is dinar guru a scam?

Some people are skeptical of the Dinar Guru investment program because it makes outlandish promises. CNBC, for example, described the investor pitch as made-up projections. However, this does not mean that the investment program is unreliable or unprofitable. It is highly recommended to work with a legitimate money exchanger to avoid any kind of scam.

To learn more about the Dinar Guru program, check out its website. The site is free to visit, and you can subscribe to receive email updates whenever new content is posted. These alerts will include the latest articles and blog posts about online business, forex trading, and more. These updates will help you understand the foreign currency exchange process, and they will also warn you about scams.

By Williumson

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