5 Things to Know Before Buying an Applicant Tracking System

A candidate Tracking System (ATS) makes it easier for hiring managers, recruiters, and HR departments to manage the hiring process.

It’s among the most sought-after instruments in the tech stack for recruitment that aids them in filtering and sorting through thousands of CVs to identify a competent candidate to fill an opening.

It also means that to secure an interview, Job applicants will need to go the extra mile to optimize their resumes so that they are easy to use for ATS.

You may use an applicant tracking system that you’re trying to replace or purchase the first one.

With the multitude of options to choose from, picking the most appropriate ATS and CRM for your business can be difficult! We’re here to help!

We’ve compiled a list of questions to ask yourself to help determine how you can boost efficiency and manage your daily recruiting tasks as if you were eating a pie!

  • What is My Budget & What is the “Real” Price of the ATS? 

The cost of ATS systems ranges from $25-$250 per month for a single user. It is essential to determine the budget before you begin the investigation. It is recommended to invest anywhere between 1% and 3 percent of the salaries of your recruiters on their CRM for Recruitment.

In essence, if they pay you $3000 per month, you can expect to pay between $30 and $90 for the CRM software they use.

An ATS could be an asset as well as an expense. It can dramatically increase efficiency and give you insights into what your recruiters. If you purchase an ATS system that doesn’t accomplish the things you’d like, it can end up with a system that wastes cash and time while providing no benefit.

You’ll like an ATS that isn’t an expense but rather an asset that can add the long-term value of your business. It happens frequently. You purchase something, only to find that the majority of things you want aren’t available within the program you purchased.

Let’s now discuss the costs associated with installing a new ATS/CRM software and the annual subscription cost.

  1. Data Migration Costs The cost of importing your existing CVs and data into the new system.
  2. Customer Service is free, or do you need to pay to have someone speak to you?
  3. Onboarding Costs Some companies will require you to pay to train you on how to use their software.
  4. Software Implementation Costs you may need to pay for the customization of the software to suit your needs.

Talking to the ATS provider before making a purchase is important.

  • What Are the Features?

When thinking about finances, you must consider the features you’ll need. It can vary dramatically based on your company’s size and the type of clients you’re looking to hire.

For those who are an individual recruitment agency looking for features such as the ability to parse resumes, an integrated emailing system, and the management of invoices will be all you require.

Your needs will likely differ if you own an agency with five to fifteen recruiters. You’ll require reports and analytics to track how each employee performs.

It is important to report because it assists in tracking KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

In addition to monitoring the performance of your employee, ‘s Reporting also assists in making informed decisions, such as what clients to focus on based on the areas where the majority of your revenue is coming from, about candidates who have submitted.

  • What is the Right Time to Setup or Get Started?

Finding a new ATS is no rocket science. It is possible to purchase and set up your system within a couple of hours. The process of implementing an ATS consists of three steps:

  1. Customizing your system
  2. Importing data
  3. Invite your colleagues to join you

However, there are a few exceptions to the rule. ATS solutions are simple to set up. Some are complicated to use, and ATS providers can charge an enormous amount for this, while others are simple and do not cost a cent.

Be sure to consider the timing of when you will apply when making your final choice.

Remember that data migration could require a few days or even a few days, depending on your data.

  • How Will ATS Help You Find the Right Applicants?

Your ATS can assist you in finding the most suitable candidates in your database using an easy Boolean Search or allow you to find new candidates via LinkedIn and other social media sites.

An ATS with powerful social recruiting tools can make a huge difference to help you achieve more recruitments.

  • How is the Customer Support? How Quickly Can I Talk to a Human?

It is important to be honest, and inquire about customer service. Let’s be real. There will always be questions that humans can solve much faster than navigating through pages of documents.


Evaluate their company’s customer service as you test the product free of charge. If they’re bad for the customer, it’s unlikely to improve.

Today’s most reliable ATS providers include chatbots that can assist you in a matter of minutes. Be sure that your ATS provider is equipped with chatbots. It’s not necessary, but it will aid in assessing the quality of service you’re likely to receive.