Seven Holiday Gift Ideas 2022

It’s never too early to start thinking about the holidays and begin planning the gifts you’ll get for the people you love. In order to gift creative and heartfelt presents this holiday season, it’s a good idea to start considering what you’d like to purchase in advance. Customized gifts are the most touching, but even simple presents that suit the gift receiver are sure to be well-loved. 

If you find yourself stumped over what to give the people you love this year, you can use this gift guide to help you! Here are seven Christmas gift ideas sure to be a success. 

Fur Throw Blankets

Throw blankets just might be the perfect gift for anyone in your life. You would be hard-pressed to find a person who doesn’t appreciate receiving a warm and fuzzy fur throw as a gift. Not only are fur throw blankets the perfect size and shape to cover a person while they’re lounging around the house, but fur throws are also highly foldable and portable for those outdoor activities that require blankets. When you gift a fur throw, you’re also giving the gift of cozy nights spent inside, blankets for camping and campfires, home decor (furry throws look great draped over furniture), and of course, warmth on cold days. 

Custom Gifts Using Photos

The most memorable gifts are heartfelt ones that show the person receiving the gift that you put thought into finding the right present for them. Any gift that incorporates a meaningful photo is sure to be a standout one. A few ideas for how you can give gifts centered around photos include personalized mugs, puzzles, sweaters, and wall decor. When in doubt, framed photos and prints always make touching presents as well.


For those on your gift-buying list who love to get busy in the kitchen, kitchenware and kitchen items are smart gifts that complement their interests—plus, you know the gift will be put to use. Kitchen items can include everything from basic cooking and baking utensils to daily items to niche kitchen supplies with specific uses. If you aren’t sure what your friend already owns, going simple and cute (like a lovely dish set) or highly specified (like a pineapple slicer) are two safe paths to take.

Reading Material

If you have friends or family members who are always talking about how they want to catch up on reading material but don’t know where to start, an incredible gift to give them is a stack of books to help them launch into their reading. When you give someone your favorite books, the present carries a deeper meaning and can bring you closer together. But if you aren’t much of a reader or don’t know what books to recommend, you can work off of a reading guide. 


Games are excellent crowd pleasers, and especially fun to play with friends and family around the holidays. Board games, card games, party games, and video games are gifts that keep on giving. When you give games for presents, you know that your gift might lead to new friendships and deeper relationships. There’s nothing like getting to know people better over a tension-busting game. 

Deluxe Coffee and Cafe Supplies

Chances are that you know someone who is a major coffee connoisseur. A great present for this person in your life is any and all things coffee. Any coffee lover knows that different coffee blends provide different tastes, and depending on their origin and roasting process, they can carry a diverse range of notes and flavors. Coffee beans in an array of blends make for a great present, but even more than this, you can provide your loved one with cafe supplies for their homes, such as a coffee press, coffee grinder, milk processor, or coffee tamper. 

Donations to a Good Cause 

The hardest gift-giving question has always been, “what do you get for the person who is impossible to buy for?” Whether it’s for someone who is uber picky and prefers to choose their own gifts, someone who already has everything, or someone who is too much of a minimalist to accept presents, there’s always that one person who stalls your gift-giving plans. In this case, a donation to a charity or good cause they are passionate about is the perfect present. Not only does this follow the spirit of the holidays by giving to those less fortunate, but it also carries meaning for the gift receiver more than any item would. If you want your gift idea to be a secret, try stealthily asking about the causes they feel passionate about, as well as those they support themself.

It’s never too soon to start thinking about the gifts you’re going to present to your friends and family this Christmas. You can use this holiday gift guide to inspire you to find the perfect present for each special person in your life. Remember that any gift that is attuned to the receiver is sure to be a hit!