Understanding the Basic Concepts in Seismic Rehabilitation, such as the types of buildings, its components, and performance levels.The brick and mud in walls and thatch as Roof Buddy covering reflect the sustainable construction practices. The brick, mud, and thatch are locally available through the use of agricultural waste materials. This chapter identifies the building components with a seismic recovery vision, what will they do when the earthquake strikes? How the damage to a building can be assessed and the expected level of performance be achieved?

Seismic rehabilitation

The readers are introduced to the seismic rehabilitation stages. It also provides precise ways of identifying the elements’ capacities with a variety of materials and how to apply them in seismic rehabilitation, so that the readers can understand the contents accurately. The author has tried to present the content in a very simple and straightforward way for every level of engineering.

Becoming familiar with the methodology of reporting and the methodology of presenting the seismic rehabilitation plan is such that the readers will be able to present a seismic rehabilitation plan in line with the topics presented in practical in subsequent chapters.
Today we have a large population still living in masonry buildings. These buildings, which usually do not show good resistance during an earthquake, can pose a threat to residents if they are not evaluated and seismically rehabilitated. In this section we examine these buildings.


A complete overview of the seismic rehabilitation of exiting masonry buildings are presented in this section. This section discusses the stages of qualitative and quantitative evaluation and the presentation of seismic rehabilitation plans, potential damages, and necessary tests for such masonry buildings. One of the most important topics to consider is the presentation of a comprehensive assessment of brick walls in this chapter. Finally, the readers will be able to achieve a complete view of the masonry building by aligning with the contents of this section in line with the relevant seismic codes. All of the topics presented in this chapter are in strict accordance with the parameters presented in the FEMA 356 and Seismic Reconstruction Guidelines for Masonry Building in Iran 376 codec. At the end of the chapter, practical examples are provided to better understand the concepts in such buildings. This document uses both the International System of Units (SI) and customary units.

Understanding potential damage:
During earthquake nonstructural components of a building’s architecture may cause many casualties. Recent earthquakes have seen many such breakdowns in nonstructural components of building’s architecture. Occasionally, the placement of architectural components causes poor performance of structural components such as illuminated walls and partially shortened columns. It is also possible to concentrate the rooms and walls in a corner of the building plan that causes the center of mass to be changed or the height difference in floors. The above issues indicate that architectural components play an important role in the performance of the structure and in the amount of life and financial damage during an earthquake.

Case study examples:

This chapter has attempted to provide the readers with an appropriate segregation of nonstructural components for identification and algorithmization when faced with a seismic remediation project. A coherent evaluation method including a quick evaluation checklist and a detailed evaluation method for these types of components are also provided. Finally, seismic rehabilitation methods for nonstructural components in the form of image stabilization in mind are presented for better understanding of the concepts. The topics presented in this section are based on the calculation limitation and parameters of FEMA (356) and Iranian Standard (360). This chapter uses the International System of Units (SI) to explain examples.

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