Emotional Value Can be What’s Most Important

A brooch made with love 200 years ago may retain its monetary value as it becomes classified with other antiques. That said, giving such a brooch to your grandmother may not mean anything to her, if she doesn’t have some sort of emotional consideration behind it.

People who have made it a long way in life understand that what is truly valuable can’t be monetized. Can you put a dollar sign on a hug from your four-year-old grandchild? That single embrace may mean more to your grandmother than all the houses, dresses, necklaces, earrings, or brooches she’s ever owned. Sentimentality is one of the most important things to consider when you’re trying to find a gift for your grandmother. Following we’ll explore three approaches to sentimental gift-giving to help round out your perspective. We’ll include some suggestions for the sort of gifts that match such approaches as well.

1. Directly Sentimental Gifts

First, you’ll want to look at gifts designed to be sentimental specifically. Grandma will absolutely love a sentimental gift. A picture of you in your school uniform with a note on the back isn’t much, but your grandmother will value it. A keepsake from a time you and your granny spent together is also a good idea.

Certainly, there are the common gifts, crystals that use lasers to make a 3D image on the inside, pictures turned into paintings through apps, music boxes, and lockets with pictures inside; all of these can be fine ideas, depending on your granny.

2. Something From Her Childhood

If you’re a little older, and you’ve already exhausted your “directly” sentimental gifts, you might want to get your grandmother something that’s not about the relationship with her that you have directly. Say your grandmother came to the USA from Europe in the sixties. Maybe you get her a little locket, trinket, music box, carving, or piece of furniture from her home country.

A great way to get this right is to listen closely to the stories and recollections of your grandmother. Wherever she’s from, wherever she’s been, whatever she’s been through; these things have made an impression on her in a way that has shaped who she is. Your grandmother has a legacy. Recognizing that a gift is a sentimental move she’ll treasure.

3. Collateral Sentiment: Something Useful, but Meaningful

You can be subtly sentimental, too. For example, maybe your grandmother is getting on in years, and you want to be able to look in on her.

Well check this out: security cameras designed to detect motion can be used to keep a property safe, and smartphones can be used to explore what such cameras have discovered. You can install such a system for your granny with the understanding you’ll help her keep watch on her house.

Maybe she needs help with travel. Well, you might buy her a year’s worth of transportation or something in her local community. Maybe you get her a new car if you’ve got the resources and she can still drive. Just because a gift is useful doesn’t mean sentimentality is lost.

Delighting Your Grandmother

Your grandmother has seen a lot of things in life, and honestly, there’s little you can buy her that will be a surprise—though there are things that will surprise her. What makes sense is leaning into the sentimental aspect of gift-giving.

To that end, look into three families of gifts: those sentimental in a way directly relating to you and your grandmother, those sentimental in a way that relates to her personal history as a human being, and those which are collaterally sentimental because they fulfill a useful niche.

By Williumson

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