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Instagram has announced plans to test a “turn off” option for like counts. In response to the widespread panic, however, the project has been delayed. Instead, you can choose your experience Picuki  by choosing to not see like counts on posts from other users and yourself. However, you can choose to view the original version of like counts if you’d prefer.

Map search

Instagram’s Map Search feature makes it easy to find nearby businesses. It works much like Google Maps Explore, and features popular tagged locations. You can also filter your results by category. It was first tested in 2021 in certain countries and is now available to all users. The new feature is another example of the company’s efforts to attract local business owners and users to the platform.

The Maps feature is currently only available for Australia and New Zealand, but it may expand to other regions soon. If it does not become popular, Instagram may remove the feature. However, you can still make use of the Preview App, which lets you schedule posts with location and hashtags.

AI-powered automatic captions for IGTV videos

Instagram has announced that it will add AI-powered automatic captions to videos on IGTV. This feature will be available in 16 languages, and it will continue to improve over time as more users use it. You can toggle automatic captions on and off in your account settings, and captions will appear at the bottom of your video.

Instagram has been trying to provide a more inclusive platform for its users, and this latest update reflects that. For example, its new feature allows creators to turn on captions automatically on their IGTV videos, which is a time-saver for brands and users alike. The feature also offers greater accessibility for deaf and hard-of-hearing users. The best part is that the feature is very easy to turn on. All you need to do is click on the’settings’ button on the video you wish to caption and then turn on the feature.

Native creator affiliate program

Instagram is working to make its platform more attractive to creators who want to earn from merchandise and affiliate commerce. To this end, it has introduced two new shopping products for creators during its first Creator Week. In addition, it is testing a new native creator affiliate tool in the coming months. This will let creators earn a percentage of sales from products they recommend. This will work similarly to Amazon’s affiliate program, but Instagram will allow creators to set their own commission rates.

As of now, the Native Creator Affiliate Program for Instagram is not yet available to all creators. Meta will continue to work on new features for the program to make it more appealing to creators. One of these features is a new tool for discovery of products, which will automatically include links to the seller’s website. The tool will also track conversions.

UGC replaces studio photography

UGC has a lot of advantages, but it can also pose certain challenges. Brands need to make sure they are displaying their content properly. This will keep their followers and fans interested. If they do not do so, they could face a lawsuit. The following tips can help brands manage this challenge.

First, don’t expect your audience to be able to take the same photographs as your brand. Instead of trying to re-create what your studio photographer captured, use UGC instead. It will add a more human touch to your content. Second, UGC isn’t limited to product images. Brands can use UGC to enhance their website, advertising, social schedule, and more.

UGC also allows you to capture more spontaneous content that is on-brand. Instead of taking a posed shot, people are more likely to take candid pictures of what they’re doing. This type of content can immortalize details that the producer wouldn’t even think of. Additionally, these photos can also provide valuable information, such as before and after pictures of skincare products or gym training.

New monetization options for creators

For those who create visual content on Instagram, new monetization options have been announced. Instagram is working to improve its paid subscription model and make it more convenient for creators to earn money. They’ve also launched new features that will make it easier for creators to link their Instagram accounts to their shop pages. For example, you can create a shop page using Bravado/UMG, Fanjoy, or Spring, and have your followers purchase products from your store.

Instagram is also introducing Stars Challenges, which will allow creators to earn money for reaching certain milestones and broadcasting certain hours. Instagram says these new features are part of its overall strategy to support creators and will launch more in the coming months.

By Williumson

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