Tension stringing equipment

There is a wide variety and collection of tension stringing equipment for the building and preservation of electrical conduction and delivery lines. These products include expert solutions including all kinds of overhead and subversive pulling units, tensioners, threading blocks, rotates, ropes, and many other accessories.

By increasing our attention towards clients’ needs in the order they function professionally in far-flung areas, we designed and produced industry-top equipment for maintaining entrée to right-of-way strips, containing many utility-based carriers.

This tension stringing equipment includes the following accessories so you can work smoothly

• Transmission line-based draggers, tensioners, and associated tools

• Supply line pullers, tensioners, and tools

• Stringing Blocks

• Subversive cable pullers and reels

• Pressure stringing accessories

• Surface Mining

• Maintenance based equipment

180kN Puller

This tension stringing equipment is used to drag steel-based wire rope along with the maximum diameter of 30mm, to the stiff tower as a winch, to twitch dual package conductors with a maximum sectional area of 630mm2 in enormous distance journey over vale/hills/ countless river, etc. to pull four-pack conductors with a maximum sectional area of 720mm2 in flatland, to pull four package conductors with a maximum sectional area of 630mm2 in the mountain area.

Technical specifications

  • Hydraulic dynamometer with set-point and involuntary device of great twitch.
  • Its twitch quickness can be familiar in both ways with enormously variable speeds.
  • By changing the cable wheel on the reel winder, the hydraulic fix ensuing to the bull wheels will pause and close-fitting the cable, to guarantee care in the procedure.
  • The key stander is organized by improved quadrangular steel-based tubes that are formed by one revenue art, to ignore any twist that causes the power-driven parts.
  • The bull wheel is prepared of extraordinary material and machinery, neither tarnishing nor scratch, to guarantee the durability of the machine.  
  • Automatically Hydraulic based oil cooling system.
  • Hydraulic front stabilizer.
  • Basis construction point and short-term anchor-based point.


A hydraulic cable tensioner is a device that relates a power to generate or preserve tension. The power may be functional to, as in the case of a hydraulic bar tensioner, or vertical to, as in the case of a mechanism-loaded chain tensioner, the pressure it generates.

It is composed of tensioning card, a great density pump station, tensioning devices, and touching and elating parts, which are important for the manufacturing of pipelines. Having close looping systems is well-known for a larger operative switch. Puller or tensioners have the greatest use in the industry field for line stringing, as long as models for single-conductor have up to 6- 8 package projects equally for bull wheel and drum types.

A multi-function performing machine that can able to perform similarly well as a puller or tensioner and is proved good for applications or installation of novel conductors.

Companies are performing a huge variety of works, these elements are the most useful machines in the field of manufacturing. Whether it is easing new conductors or re-conducting already available circuits and ground wire or removing old conductors, in all cases these units are considered appropriate. The 52-inch bull wheels with useable lining segments offer the energy to drag out the rope or fore out conductor. The exclusive hydraulic system permits the worker to set the extreme dragging force and delivers unlimited line speed and line pull control.

Whirl Stand

A useful range of whirl stands and reel carriers that comprises single-reel carriers or multi-reel carriers to grip up to diversity on one preview.

Packages are also presented with elective figure disc brakes along with hydraulic drives. 6 Inch based diameter along with contains a bronze disc reel.

• Rapid modification reel shaft elimination with traditional erect lift.

• 2-5 to 8 based Inch diameter reel along with bronze bushings.

• Dual-energy supports.

• Locking collars with lifting loop.

• Leaf spring pause pins.

• Electric clip brakes.

• Four locations modifiable drag with pin-type connections and two safety chains with knobs.

• Motorized drop-leg opposite jack.

Stringing blocks

 It is also considered as one of the important tension stringing equipment denoted as travelers or dollies, which are as essential in stringing conductors as the line itself. There exist a full range of blocks and block fittings to deliver an even, creative and secure stringing process. Single blocks, dual blocks, subversive blocks, and universal stringing blocks are all needed for working better and more smoothly.

UG-73 gadget for stringing

It can be attached to the power of a manhole or fastened in a dome. Three sheave shape that is offered in nylon bundles. Its weight is up to 65 lbs. Sheave Sizes are up to 7 in OD x 4-3/4 in. rim width; Quarters approximately up to 4 in. diameter wire.

Tightness stringing fittings 

The reel winder routinely harmonizes its swiftness with the bull wheels Hydraulic cylinders boost for reel winder integrates offset regulator for even and harmless process driveline brake in reel winder drive stops the rope from sliding by the bull wheels when the puller engine is not successively diamond leadscrew level wind, involuntary move backward type retains line consistently reeled on the drum.

Anti-twisting Line Construction Steel based Pilot Rope huge Energy Line Stringing

This wire rope has great power-burning dip galvanized steel-based quality air handled by the exceptional process of the distinctive knit rope line. It has huge power, best elasticity, erosion rust-proof, not to contest the excellent hook, and hard to tie, huge lifespan, and so on. Pressure applied to pay-off power lines production, stimulating gear with the equilibrium chute and the end rope of mine, port, and other main lift winch wire rope does not switch when the required place.

Final words

To enhance your knowledge and reduce your stress level concerning the selection of tension stringing equipment, this article intends to assist you in selecting the best equipment from a wide variety of equipment. All equipment that you might need is mentioned along with details. So, you can pick up those accessories that most appropriately suit your requirements. We hope that this article is helpful in case you are interested in buying any gadget from tension-stringing equipment. If you find this article useful, share it with those who have the intention to buy such accessories. If your needs are different and you want to order customized equipment that proves more efficient then you can order it.

By Williumson

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