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It is not tough for a car driver to determine the correct time to replace car tyres. However, drivers delay the decision. There may be several reasons for this behaviour but indeed, driving with bald tyres is highly risky.

A number of car drivers try to do tyre repair London several times. It is not bad to repair a tyre but repairing work is not possible for endless times.

Thus, you have to replace your tyres when you are unable to repair them.

How to determine the correct time to replace present tyres?

The following warning signs will tell you clearly that you have to change your tyres:

Reducing tread depth:

Observe your tyres. If you are able to see tread wear indicators easily, it means your tyres are balding quickly. Tyre’s tread depth should be above 1.6mm in the UK. You cannot drive your car if the tread depth goes below this legal limit. Thus, it is the correct time to change your tyres if your Tyres London are severely balding.

Cracked rubber:

The rubber material of tyres will become hard due to the factors like sunshine or UV rays. You will easily detect hard rubber with the help of visible cracks on the sidewalls. If you observe cracks, you should stop using these tyres instantly.

Bubbles on sidewalls:

Sidewall of a tyre is one of the most important components. Bad road conditions are enough to damage the sidewall. You can observe the impact of damage in the form of bubbles on the sidewall. Repairing these bulges is not possible in most cases. Changing the tyre is the only option.

So, when you observe these signs, you have to change your tyres as soon as possible. In fact, your tyres make direct contact with roads. Therefore, they have to face several factors to face damage over time.

If you maintain your tyres well, you may ensure a long life of your tyres. But, using car tyres for eternal time is not possible. Moreover, a tyre puncture is the only issue that you can repair. Repairing is not possible for other problems in other cases.

Usually, the following factors kill your tyres:

Bad road conditions:

Harsh road conditions damage your tyres. Uneven roads increase the level of friction and heat to degrade the rubber material. Moreover, potholes and bumps are responsible for bad wheel alignment and balancing. Road conditions do not leave your tyres repairable if you ignore the maintenance of tyres for a long time.


Heat is a prime enemy of your tyres. Environmental heat increases the air pressure in your tyres. Moreover, heat damages the rubber material and promotes tread wear. After a level of damage, you have only one solution to change your old tyres.


Punctures occur on tyres when a sharp object pierces the tread part or sidewall of them. These objects make a very small hole in the body of tyre to let the air seep out quickly. If the small hole is not too deep or too wide, you may repair the flat tyre certainly. On the other hand, wider and deeper holes make it difficult to repair the tyre. Moreover, punctures on the sidewall are also difficult to repair.


Sometimes a tyre suddenly explodes in the middle of the road due to several reasons like heat, low air pressure, manufacturer defects, poor internal condition etc. you have to change your tyres after the incident of a blowout.


Weather is also a factor that damages your tyres. The rate of damage is slower if you buy appropriate tyres for hot or cold weather. However, you cannot completely stop the rate of wear and tear. Generally repairing is not possible if your tyres are in bad condition due to harsh weather.

Risks of driving on bald tyres:

There is a solid reason why experts do not seem in favour of using bald tyres.

Tyres usually provide better grip and traction but you cannot say the same for bald tyres. Bald tyres may skid on roads at any moment.

Moreover, bald and old tyres are not able to keep extra water away because of improper tread depth. 

Believe it or not but a proper design and thick tread pattern save your tyres from punctures as well. On the other hand, a thin layer of tread will easily allow a sharp object to damage your tyre.

As you see, Tyres London are going to serve your needs properly when you keep them in good condition. Poor maintenance will increase the rate of wear and tear. So, it is better you ensure good maintenance of your tyres and change them when they are seriously old and bald.

By Williumson

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