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Just retrofitting insulation into the home that has already been constructed is usually not enough to ensure long-lasting effectiveness and performance.

The reason for this is that insulation is a part of an overall system. To ensure the highest efficiency and the least energy consumption the insulation and vapour barriers need to be installed and properly air-sealed in the building phase to form an airtight thermal envelope.

What Is Rockwool Insulation?

When you’re trying to insulate homes, you may be surprised to discover that there are many types of insulation to pick from.

If it’s spray foam, fibreglass, or cellulose, all have their own advantages. There may be an additional kind of insulation that you’re not aware of.

It is insulation with specific characteristics that other insulations do not have. Its unique characteristics could make it the ideal choice for your office or at home. What do you know about Rockwool insulation? Continue reading to learn more!

Insulation Made Of Rockwool, Or Mineral Wool Insulation

The term “Rockwool,” also called “mineral wool” is a type of insulation made from actual rocks! Stones are heated, spun until they are able to form a fibre-like shape. Then they transform into a texture that is similar to wool, hence its term, “Rockwool.”

The newly created Rockwool can be used in rolls, batts or even loose-fill forms. The versatility of its shape and methods of installation is a great choice for business and home owners as well.

What Are The Advantages From Rockwool Insulation?

One of the main advantages that come with Rockwool, also known as mineral wool insulation, is its resistance to fire. The stone-based composition creates a secure form of insulation that can be used against hot surfaces. Other benefits of rockwool rainscreen duo slab are

It will help slow the spread of fire. One of the best features and benefits to use for insulation in homes is that its high melting point makes it possible to stop the rapid fire that can engulf a house as well as a residential residence.

It’s excellent thermal insulation. It can hold heat effectively, which is how it helps keep buildings and homes in a constant temperature which helps lower energy costs.

It functions as a noise-cancelling device. If you are a homeowner looking to reduce the noise from a noisy neighbourhood or even between floors in their home, then Rockwool insulation is an excellent choice.

Apart from the benefits mentioned in the previous paragraphs, rockwool insulation is often employed by gardeners. Its ability to retain water and its loose structure allow the roots of plants and trees to develop through it.

About Rockwool Insulation

You might have seen it described as mineral wool. Rockwool insulation, made of natural minerals spun into small, high temperature-resistant fibres, is available in batt, blown-in/loose-fill and rigid/fibrous form.

It’s a thermal-insulation material that helps stop any heat loss through conduction. The use of Rockwool Rw3 100mm is to:

  •         Rockwool Batts
  •         Unfinished walls, such as foundation walls
  •         Ceilings and floors
  •         Blown-in Rockwool
  •         The walls are enclosed to prevent further damage.
  •         Wall cavities are open to the public.
  •         Unfinished attic flooring
  •         Areas that are difficult to reach

This kind of insulation can keep moisture out which can lower its R-value as well as overall efficiency, ensuring the highest efficiency in energy consumption. The most common use for Rockwool insulation is:

To control temperature and provide the acoustical comfort of structures (attics ceilings, walls, and ceilings)

To control thermal, acoustical, as well as condensation management in institutional and commercial HVAC systems.

To reduce energy consumption process control, the ability to control soundness in manufacturing and industrial processes.

A lot of people refer to Mineral Wool insulation however there are two kinds, Rock as well as Glass. Like their names they are with different types of substances.

They perform differently. Therefore, even though you could utilise them interchangeably in certain apps, there’s other instances in which one performs better.


Both types of Mineral Wool to achieve excellent levels of thermal insulation. Rock Mineral Wool prevents a building from losing heat or getting it through its roof and walls. The less energy required to cool or heat the building, meaning costs for energy are less.

Compressive Strength

Due to the method in which it’s construct, Rock Mineral Wool has smaller fibre strands of fibre when as compare the Glass Mineral Wool.

These strands are shorter and provide Rockwool Rw3 100mm superior compressive strength. This is the reason why products for flat roofing that are use for maintenance or installation from Rock Mineral Wool.

Fire Safety

Mineral Wool is superior to other insulation materials in terms of safety in the event of fire. Rock and Glass Mineral Wool are the most effective European Class Reaction to Fire Classification of A1 (non-combustible) or A2 (limited fire-hazard).

Fire Resistance is the measure of the length of time a specific building component, like an interior wall or ceiling, can stand up to the movement of fire from one place to the next.

For instance building-up for two hours Fire Resistance will maintain its quality for at the very least length of time. Rock Mineral Wool has a melting temperature of more than 1,000oC, which reduces its transfer.

Noise Insulation

Contrary to other insulation types like stiff foam board, rock or Glass mineral wool insulation is great at blocking noise. tw50 kingspan It is due to an open fibre matrix which blocks the sound waves.

Insulation of rock mineral wool that has outstanding acoustic properties can be utilise in the walls, floors, or roofs to block out noise and create more peaceful buildings.

Installation Process Is Easy

Knauf Insulation’s Rockwool products are tough, solid slabs that are easy to win. The slabs are in standard centres, however they can be to the desire size using an extremely sharp saw or knife.

Since the slabs don’t have brittleness and can withstand imperfections in the substrate . They can also be tightly making sure there are no gaps, ensuring maximum security in fire, thermal and sound quality.

Quality Of Indoor Air

Insufficient indoor air quality could influence the health of installers as well as those who live in buildings. One way to ensure higher the quality of indoor air is to stay clear of items that release excessive levels of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) like formaldehyde.

Knauf Insulation’s 100mm Rw3 Rockwool insulation products are produce using Technology Their unique bio-base binder which does not contain formaldehyde or phenol.

Improve The Value Of The Home You’re Building By Insulating It

Builders know that materials costs can pile quickly one area in which you should not be tempt to pinch dollars are the insulation.

It can add value to homes and, with Wisconsin’s harsh winters, houses that are well-insulate could attract more interest from the public. If you’re a smart home builder, it is logical to maximise insulation.

The Benefits Of Adding Insulation

Insulation is use to limit the flow of warmth from warm zones to cooler regions. In winter, it means keeping the heat in and during summer, it’s keeping warm air from the area. Incorporating insulation in your home will provide many benefits:

  •         A more relaxing and comfortable experience
  •         Reduction in energy consumption
  •         Lower cooling and heating costs
  •         Longer HVAC service life

Inadequate insulation can cause the house to become uninviting and uncomfortable. This could increase the cost to maintain the home because cooling and heating bills increase.

Why Buyers Look For Well-Insulated Homes

The presence of insulation can be an excellent selling point for prospective buyers. It means that they’ll consume less energy throughout the life of the house, the HVAC system will be more durable, the air quality will be better and the house will be more peaceful and comfortable all around.

Furthermore, once a house is finish, with ceilings and studs into, tape and seal it can be quite challenging to install insulation. Therefore, a house that is already well-insulate is likely to attract an increase number of buyers.

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