Argyle pink diamonds

Lots of various coloured diamonds are available, and each one of them has its beauty and different uses. Of these various coloured diamonds, pink is the most expensive one. The pink-coloured diamonds are one of the rarest of the naturally occurring gemstones, with less availability.

These pink-coloured diamonds are extremely rare to find. They originate in the east Kimberley region of Western Australia; the Argyle mines are mainly responsible for the maximum supply of them, known as argyle pink diamonds.

Though all coloured diamonds have their uniqueness in different ways, as soon as Argyle began to be the supplier of these coloured diamonds, it was highly demanded. Before Argyle, these pink diamonds were very rare and hard to get. Pink is, moreover, one of the most popular and demanded colours in diamonds, and these have the highest price point in the market.

1. Reason for their rareness:

Though there are lots of diamonds, they have different colours and variants. The rareness of the diamond depends on the intense colour of the diamond. The colour of these pink diamonds is very rare as they are different from the normal and simple ones.

Like the other diamonds, pink diamonds are also formed from carbon but are not found everywhere as they require more extreme heat and pressure. Therefore, the maximum percentage of the supply of rare pink diamonds is done by Argyle only, and it’s the biggest supplier in the world for pink diamonds.

2. How are they different?

There are pink diamonds found elsewhere, but the ones originating from the Argyle have a superior saturation of colour. It might be seen that the colour of the normal and simple pink diamond fades, but argyle pink diamonds are known for their vibrancy, and their colour won’t fade at all.

According to the studies, it’s said that the colour of these diamonds is due to the process by which it is formed. And as these require more extreme heat and pressure, they are mined deep and have different features than the normal ones.

3. Features of pink diamonds:

Its features include:

  • They exhibit blue fluorescence when seen under ultraviolet light.
  • Harder and denser than other origin diamonds
  • Get their colour from extreme heat, stress, and pressure.
  • Non-fading colour

4. Why are they so expensive?

Usually, the ordinary diamonds occurring are also expensive, and the argyle ones are much more expensive as they are the rarest ones to be found. There are several reasons behind the cost of these diamonds. As the intense colour, quality and supply are present; it determines the price of the diamonds.

One of the greatest properties is that the colour of the argyle diamond does not fade like the ordinary ones, and they have vibrant colour transparency.

To conclude, it could be said that the argyle pink diamonds are different from the normal occurring diamonds. Also, argyle diamonds have other properties and features than normal ones, and they are much more difficult to find, with the formation process being long and intensified.

By Williumson

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