Individuals who feel they depend on alcohol should understand its effect on their physical and mental health. It is essential to discuss the condition with the best psychiatrist in Lahore. The therapy will help the person cope with the change. 

Seeking help will help the individual lead a healthier life and avoid further complications.

It is a condition in which the person has excessive and uncontrolled dependence on alcohol. The individual suffers from the symptoms of withdrawal and alcohol intoxication. The person must seek medical attention as it is a life-threatening condition. 

The symptoms of Alcohol Dependence Syndrome are:

  • The person tries to limit their intake and fails every time. It affects their health and personal life.
  • The person cannot function adequately, and they remain unconscious most of the time.
  • The person cannot control their intake. They keep drinking even though they know its effect on their life.
  • The person cannot function and maintain a social life.
  • The person suffers from memory loss. It can lead to anxiety and inactivity.
  • The person cannot think of anything except alcohol.

The known causes of alcohol dependence syndrome are:

  • The person depends on alcohol when they excessively use it daily, and it causes a chemical change in the brain.
  • People consuming alcohol for years are more likely oy depend on alcohol rather than friends and family.

Individuals who are at a higher risk of suffering from alcohol use disorder are:

  • People with a parent who consumes alcohol are more likely to start using at a young age. They become dependent on alcohol like their parents.
  • People who start using alcohol at a young age are more likely to start depending on it and avoid their families.
  • People having difficulty maintaining social life are more likely to start consuming alcohol.
  • Peer pressure can cause anxiety and stress. It causes the person to opt for a way that helps them forget about their problems. The denial can lead to alcohol consumption.
  • People suffering from the loss of a close one can struggle to cope with the change. Hence, they cannot rationally deal with the loss and start consuming alcohol.

The preventive measures to reduce the chances of suffering from alcohol dependence syndrome are:

  • The person who starts to realize they consume alcohol daily should join a self-help program. It will help them seek professional help to control their irrational urges and divert their attention.
  • The person should learn relaxing techniques to manage the stress rather than living in denial. The unhealthy coping mechanism can lead to alcohol consumption.
  • People should stay close to their friends and family and seek help from them. The support can help them engage in activities keeping them away from alcohol.

The complications associated with alcohol dependence syndrome are:

  • The person is at a higher risk of suffering from central nervous system depression, affecting their speech and movement.
  • Excessive use can become the cause of death.

The specialist will conduct a psychological assessment to understand the thought processes and changes in the memory. It will help them understand the cause of the behavior and the severity of the condition.

The treatment options for individuals suffering from alcohol dependence syndrome are:

  • Anti-Carving Medication: The medication will help the individual control their irrational urge to consume alcohol.
  • Supplements: The person may not have a healthy dietary intake which can hinder the functioning of vital organs. Hence, the specialist will prescribe the supplements.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: The therapy aims to change the thought process. It helps overcome negative thoughts with positive ones, making the individual hopeful regarding their future.
  • Aversion Therapy: The therapy aims to link alcohol consumption with a negative experience. It will help the individual feel disconnected from the irrational need to consume alcohol.

People who exhibit symptoms of alcohol dependence syndrome must consult a psychiatrist at Shamshad Aslam Uppal Hospital. The specialist will help detect the cause and provide guidance regarding the therapy and medication, allowing them to recover without further health-related complications. It will help them grow personally and professionally.

By Williumson

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