Divorce Lawyer in Lahore

Divorce Lawyer Lahore, Pakistan

Divorce is announced by the husband to the wife and usually, people think that the divorce process in Pakistan is very simple but, when you end a marriage through divorce, there are many other things involved such as child and mother maintenance, bride price, child custody, dowry clauses, etc. These are some of the things involved.

Successfully handle other issues related to divorce. When one chooses the best divorce lawyer in Lahore, Pakistan, his rights are well protected and safeguarded and he can also avoid the consequences associated with it. We have a panel of professional divorce lawyers in Lahore and Lawyer Saeed is the best Divorce Lawyer in Lahore, Pakistan, and conducts divorce proceedings in Pakistan.

Divorce proceedings in Pakistan

We are experts in divorce proceedings in Pakistan and can expedite your divorce proceedings in Pakistan. There are many different types of divorce processes in Pakistan and only a competent lawyer knows which process is in the best interest of their client and when. Usually, divorce in Pakistan is done through an arbitration court, which conducts the process for a minimum of three months and notifies both parties to find a solution.

Nevertheless, there are now so many technicalities and procedures that a 90-day procedure becomes a 900-day procedure. Therefore, specialized divorce lawyers based in Lahore, Pakistan are required to oversee the divorce process in Pakistan and ensure that the divorce certificate is issued on time. . Often people think that sending divorce papers is enough and that they have done their part in the divorce process in Pakistan, but this is not true because sending divorce papers is not a divorce or even participating in and conducting the divorce process.

A divorce only takes effect when a NADERA divorce certificate is issued, so if there is no divorce certificate, the divorce is not final and the marriage continues. Many people remarry without a divorce certificate, believing that they are divorced when in fact they are not.

Therefore, remarriage without a divorce certificate is a criminal offense punishable by 10 years in prison and cannot be registered without a divorce certificate issued by Nadra. In Pakistan, a completely legal divorce procedure must be followed before a second marriage can take place.

The divorce procedure in Pakistan

Divorce proceedings in Pakistan for Pakistanis living abroad can be conducted by Pakistani divorce counselors without coming to Pakistan, based on a warrant authorized by a Pakistani Embassy or Consulate. The divorce process for Pakistanis and foreigners living abroad is slightly different due to the work of the embassy, but for Pakistanis living abroad who cannot go to the embassy or come to Pakistan, lawyer Syed Zafar, the best divorce lawyer in the whole of Lahore, among Pakistani divorce lawyers They do not have to worry because they can contact him.

He will offer them a way out and they will get a divorce certificate without any legal procedure and they don’t even need to go to the embassy. All they need to do is contact lawyer Saeed Zafar, who is handling divorces right now in Pakistan.

Getting Divorced in Pakistan

Divorce in Pakistan is a difficult decision and if done through an incompetent Lahore, Pakistan divorce lawyer, it is likely to be for the worst. Divorce proceedings in Pakistan require specialized expertise and our firm has experience in such divorce proceedings. Due to the legal ramifications of a Pakistan divorce, it is best to contact a professional divorce lawyer to handle your Lahore, Pakistan divorce proceedings.

To get legal services and protect yourself from the legal consequences of divorce, feel free to contact Attorney Syed Zafar, one of the best divorce lawyers in Lahore, Pakistan, who will file your divorce proceedings in Pakistan, follow up, and get your divorce decree in a timely manner. Please contact us.

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