The IB program is a lot more than just a curriculum. There are four important programs in an IB curriculum that looks to develop caring, inquiring and knowledgeable people who want to succeed. Under an IBDP school in Singapore, your child will have an advantage over students in other schools.

The teachers in an IB school can help to build your child’s critical thinking skills and improve their creativity and ability to solve complex issues. The IB curriculum framework can operate effectively along with the national curriculum across all schools. In this guide, you will learn all that you need to know about an IBDP school.

How Are IB Programs in a School in Singapore Different from Other Schools?

The IB programs are different compared to the other curriculums due to the following reasons:

●      They encourage all types of students to challenge assumptions and to think in a more grave manner.

●  They encourage students to grow into independent citizens who can challenge any national or governmental systems by incorporating best practices taught in school.

●      They encourage students of all ages to consider both global and local contexts.

●      To develop students who know different languages.

To teach an IB programme, a school in Singapore needs to be authorized. A school that has the authority to teach IB curriculum is called an IB world school.


A Continuation of International Education

The IB curriculum provides a continuation of international education that includes four programmes united by IB’s philosophy, learning and teaching approaches. This programme helps to encourage both academic and personal achievement. It will challenge your child to excel in studies and also in personal development.

Quality of Practice

The top IBDP schools in Singapore incorporate quality practice from national and international research and the IB global community. The schools will also encourage your child to be internationally minded in a complex world. 

Why Should You Consider an IBDP School for Your child?

If you want to enhance your child’s academic ability, character or intellectual capacity, IBDP schools should be your preferred school. IB programs are famous throughout the world and are offered in several schools. This indicates that your children from different countries can learn similar curricula in their high school years.  

●      If your child is old enough to apply for colleges, an institute of higher education will be knowledgeable about the curriculum of a high school student.

●      They will also get to know if your child meets the college entry requirement.

As IBDP schools and IB curriculums are famous worldwide, many colleges worldwide have policies that recognize the IB coursework that students completed in high school. 

Speaking about the IB curriculum, while some institutes or schools do not offer the same facilities, they allow your child to skip introductory level classes in their schools.

Final Words

An IBDP school in Singapore can be one of the best options for your child, and as mentioned above, IB curriculums are famous worldwide. If you want to opt for an IB curriculum for your child, you need to research the best schools in Singapore that offer this famous curriculum.

By Williumson

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