Health insurance plan

Many companies offer health insurance plans to their employees. It comes under the company policy that the employees are provided with a certain insurance cover, in case of an emergency requirement. However, there are also a few companies that do not follow the pattern, since providing insurance to employers is not mandatory in some companies. 

Nowadays, people have a busy life, and a hectic schedule. Which sometimes makes them compromise with their health. This is where the necessity to purchase a health insurance plan comes into the picture. It is more important now than ever to get a health insurance cover, just in case of an emergency. So, you will not have to face the financial burden involved in the healthcare treatment. 

Now speaking of, if your employer doesn’t provide you an insurance cover, not even a health plan, how to find an affordable health insurance plan? 

Here’s how! Below we have listed 6 tips that you can consider in order to avail a budget-friendly health insurance plan. Have a look at the following:

6 Tips to Find a Budget-friendly Health Insurance Plan

  • Go for the right cover

Try to choose just sufficient coverage. Meaning, don’t opt for a wider coverage if you are young and healthy. Choosing a wider coverage will only increase your premium price in the policy. You can simply opt for pre and post hospitalization cover, hospitalization expenses, daycare procedures. These covers are important and play a vital role. This will be sufficient coverage and you also won’t need to pay any high premium costs. 

  • Reconsider buying add-on covers

When you buy a health insurance plan, the insurer offers you various add-on covers on your basic health policy, however, at some point you may think that many of these are important and may come in need in the future, however, adding more of them, will only add more price to your premium. A basic health plan with one or two add-ons would be enough for you if you. 

  • Type of Plan

It is important that you opt for the type of plan that is according to your age, family size, financial background, and medical history. A well-planned selection of the health insurance plan based on these factors can help reduce the premium price of the policy.

  • Consider top-up plans

A top-up plan with a lower base health insurance plan can be an affordable and wise choice to make. This combination will provide you sufficient coverage keeping the premium price of policy low. 

For instance, in an unfortunate event, you are being admitted to the hospital and your health insurance sum has been used up, while you are still being kept under observation, in such a case, a top-up plan will come in use as it can provide some extra amount for the extra time period in the hospital. A top-up plan is basically used for increasing the sum insured, whenever required. 

  • Deductibles & Sub-limits

While purchasing the health insurance plan, you can opt for a deductible policy, meaning that you pay for small medical expenses and the insurance provider will take care of the big medical expenses. This will help you lower the premium price of the policy. 

  • Opt for an Online Purchase

Going for an online purchase of the policy will be an economical step for you, because it is even more economical for the insurance companies to provide policies online. And the cost that is saved, is offered to you in the form of a low premium insurance policy. So, it would be economically better if you purchase a health insurance plan online.

We hope that the above mentioned tips on how to get an affordable health insurance plan if your employer doesn’t provide one, were helpful to you. If you want to know more about the insurance policies, or wish to buy an insurance plan, you can visit our Bajaj Finserv app.

By Williumson

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