You may have decided to enroll your child in a private school, but do you know which school offers the best education?

The first step to finding the best school is to search for all the available schools near you. Also, you need to consider the curriculum and the Singapore school fees to ensure quality with affordability!

Keep these factors in mind while you look for the best new secondary school in Punggol, as they significantly impact your child’s education.

Here’s a checklist of some fundamental questions you must decide before searching for a school:

  • Do you want your child to go to a nearby or distant school? Can you avail transportation to bring your child back?
  • Do you want to enroll in only a junior or secondary school or both?
  • Do you wish to make your child a part of an all-girls/all-boys or coeducation school?
  • Is it a day or boarding school? If you go to a boarding school, will you be able to take your child home during weekends?
  • Is the school following strict ethics of religion?
  • How much can you afford? Is the Singapore school fees too high or low?

Now in terms of education standards, these are the few questions that need high priority from you while sitting to search for a school:

  • What is the school’s reputation?
  • Does the school have an excellent academic record?
  • Is the curriculum well balanced, or does it focus too much academically?
  • What’s the academic and non-academic ratio?
  • What are the school hours?
  • What are the average class size and the student-teacher ratio?
  • Are the teachers knowledgeable? Do they make learning approaches student friendly?
  • What additional charges do you have to pay for extracurricular activities?
  • What are the holiday periods?
  • Does the school provide facilities like language, science, and computer labs, a nurse in case of emergency, withdrawal clauses, examination periods, etc.?
  • What disciplinary actions apply to older pupils, and what are the reviews given by parents?
  • Is there effective communication between the parents and the school?
  • Are the school fees worth the curriculum?
  • Does the school offer scholarships to get a fee concession?

Now shortlist the schools that match these questions and check out their prospectus (either a video or a written document), or if you can get a copy of the school magazine, even that’s great! Make sure that they are reliable.

But before making a decision, ensure that you visit the new secondary school in Punggol and converse with the principal, teachers, parents, and the students to get better knowledge.

Here are some benefits your child reaps in a private school:

  • Widened opportunities like extracurricular activities, placement activities, and special programs
  • Friendly learning environment with higher disciple standards between teachers and students
  • Smaller class size to get more one-on-one participation with the teacher
  • Ample resources and exemplary facilities catering to discovering interests, strengths, and weaknesses
  • Excellent parent participation with teachers, in interactive activities and school meetings to get a better knowledge of the child’s progress, and school activities


Above all, to obtain the ultimate benefits of a private school, check whether it caters to your child’s learning needs. For this, you should examine the Singapore school fees, the curriculum, and your family goal to provide an excellent education to your child. The school you choose must give your child a comfy environment to learn, play and grow to become successful in the future!

By Williumson

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