mobile device threat

Because our mobile devices are now the keys to our communication, finances, and social lives, they are attractive targets for cybercriminals.

Mobile device threat actors are constantly evolving tactics to break into smartphones, whether you use a Google Android or an Apple iOS device.

This includes everything from simple spam and malicious links distributed via social media to malware capable of spying on you, compromising your banking apps, or deploying ransomware on your device.

In 2022, the top threats to Android and iOS Mobile Device Threat security.

Scamming and smashing

This is called phishing when attackers send you fake and fraudulent messages. Cybercriminals try to trick you into sharing personal information, clicking malicious links, downloading and unwittingly executing malware on your device, or handing over account information for a bank, PayPal, social network, email, and other services.

Mobile devices are vulnerable to phishing through the same channels as PCs, including email and social network messages. However, mobile devices are susceptible to smishing, which is phishing sent via SMS text messages.

It makes no difference whether you use an Android or an iOS device regarding phishing. All mobile devices are created equal in the eyes of fraudsters and cybercriminals.

Your best defense: Don’t click on links in emails or text messages unless you’re confident they’re legitimate.

Physical security

Many overlook an essential security precaution: physically securing our mobile devices. We may not employ a PIN, pattern, or biometric check such as a fingerprint or retina scan – and if we do, we expose our handset to tampering. Furthermore, if you leave your phone unattended, it may be stolen.

Your most excellent defense: Secure your phone with a strong password or PIN, at the very least, so that your data and accounts cannot be accessed if it falls into the wrong hands.

SIM cloning

SIM hijacking, also known as SIM switching or SIM porting, is the unauthorized exploitation of a legal service provided by telecom companies when clients need to exchange SIM cards and phone numbers between carriers or handsets.

A consumer would usually contact their telecom provider and request a changeover. On the other hand, an attacker will utilize social engineering and personal information they learn about you, such as your name, physical address, and contact information, to assume your identity and trick customer care workers into giving them access to your phone number.

A successful cybercriminal will be able to redirect your phone calls and texts to a smartphone owned by them. This means that all two-factor authentication (2FA) codes used to safeguard your email, social media, and banking accounts, among others, will end up in their hands.

SIM hijacking is typically a targeted attack because it necessitates data collection and physical effort. They can, however, be terrible for your privacy and the security of your online accounts if successful.

Your best defense: Use a variety of cybersecurity best practices to protect your data so that it cannot be exploited against you via social engineering. Request that your telecom operator adds a “Do not port” remark to your file (unless you visit in person).

Cryptocurrency miners, adware, and premium service dialers

Your mobile device is also vulnerable to nuisance and malicious software, which will drive it to make calls or send messages to premium numbers.

Nuisanceware is malware found in apps (typically in the Android ecosystem than in the iOS environment) that causes your device to behave irritably. Although not usually hazardous, the nuisance may display pop-up advertisements, interrupt your tasks with promotions or survey requests, or load pages on your mobile device without your permission.

Premium service dialers are worse than a nuisance in generating ad impressions through users. Apps may contain hidden capabilities that secretly sign you up for premium, paid services, send SMS, or make phone calls – and while you end up paying for these services,’ the attacker profits.

Some apps may take your device’s CPU power to mine cryptocurrency.

By Williumson

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