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Obviously, the first step is to actually download & install the LinkedIn phone number extractor. These LinkedIn scraping tools take your LinkedIn profile URL or a keyword from you, extract all the data from the URL, and provide data in a file on your computer. If you have a list of URLs or keywords and want to extract data from it then you can use these LinkedIn data extraction tools that I have mentioned below.

If you want to scrape data from LinkedIn profiles then you have to search for the data on LinkedIn by your keywords, zip codes, job titles, and LinkedIn profile URL. After that, you have to select LinkedIn search results and click on the Extract button to scrape data from the LinkedIn search results.

What Are The Best LinkedIn Profile Downloader Tools?

In the following post, I will talk about the 2 best LinkedIn scraping tool that helps to extract data from LinkedIn profiles and search results. One of the following LinkedIn Extractor software scrapes only user profiles from LinkedIn. While the other software can scrape company profiles from LinkedIn.

Using the following LinkedIn Lead Generation tools, you can easily extract all the data from LinkedIn and can use them in your marketing campaigns. These are useful LinkedIn automation tools, especially in data collection from LinkedIn. You just need a list of URLs or keywords and then you can hand over that to these LinkedIn data mining tools.

1.LinkedIn Lead Extractor

LinkedIn Profile Extractor is the simplest and one of the best software to extract data from LinkedIn user profiles without any coding.

You can upload a large list of URLs in the search bar of the LinkedIn data extractor software to extract data from it. After uploading the file, you can extract data by clicking on the “Extract” button. And after extracting data from profiles, you can export them to an Excel, CSV, or Text file.

However, this LinkedIn Contact Extractor software can scrape emails, phone numbers, social media links, skills, and much more from LinkedIn. LinkedIn Lead Extractor is a desktop application that supports all versions of windows that you can start using right after downloading from the website(

That is how this LinkedIn contact number extractor software works to extract data from LinkedIn profiles and search results.

2. LinkedIn Company Extractor

LinkedIn Company Extractor is another software that scrapes data from LinkedIn company profiles. First, you have to have uploaded a file of URL or keywords in the LinkedIn Crawler search bar for data extraction from that file. After extracting the data from LinkedIn from the given files, you can export data in CSV, Excel, and Text files for use.

You can extract emails and phone numbers from LinkedIn for more than 195 countries supported by LinkedIn and for every category by using this LinkedIn Scraping tool. You don’t need to learn any programming skills or need to hire a programmer or a freelancer to scrape data from LinkedIn if you are using this LinkedIn data scraper software.

Why Are These LinkedIn Scraping Tools Better Than Others?

Most LinkedIn converters or data extractors only convert or extract data from LinkedIn but these LinkedIn data scraping tools can find, extract, and export data from LinkedIn profiles for your specific keywords. Furthermore, these LinkedIn contact finder tools can extract data from LinkedIn for any location and industry. Moreover, these LinkedIn crawling tools support various formats to download data such as Excel, Text, CSV, etc.

Closing Thoughts:

These are the best LinkedIn scraping tools to extract data from LinkedIn that you can use to save hundreds of hours for many other tasks. You can use these LinkedIn Extractors without any programming knowledge. And these LinkedIn lead generation tools have a free trial before purchasing them to show their performance.

By Williumson

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