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Purchasing tyres can be tricky and equally important. You see there are numerous obstacles that you face while driving on road. It can be the irregularities of the road, water or snow-filled roads, speed bumps, debris, boulders etc. Since your tyre is your vehicle’s only contact with the surface, your tyres must have the strength to face these obstacles. The tyres have different sizes, strengths, tread patterns and other specifications which make them different. 

You need to choose your tyre per your requirement and the suitability of your vehicle. The tyre must be in harmony with the vehicle or they won’t give you fuel efficiency and can cause issues that can harm your vehicle. Visit us to purchase cheap tyres Aberdeen. Below we will discuss how you can choose from various aspects of a tyre.


There are many different types of tye such as solid tyres and air-filled tyres. Solid tyres are for industrial usage whereas air-filled tyres have subcategories. Which is usually based on pressure and volume, carcass type and construction. We can help you choose from these tyres, the most suitable one for your needs Car Servicing Aberdeen.  


Before going on a trip we create an itinerary for places to visit and routes to reach there. Similarly before going on an adventure think of the possible danger or road obstacle that you might face and choose your tyres accordingly. For example, the wide-width tyres are popular for their off-roading abilities. You might face boulders, grassland, or muddy roads on a road trip. A regular tyre will easily clog itself, enabling your vehicle to move whereas a wide-width tyre or an off-roading tyre does not clog itself. It also allows you to have a clearer view of the road because of the greater height of the tyres. 

Now some of you might feel these tyres sound superb for daily use as well. Let us stop you there. The city congestion needs stopping and going where these tyres won’t be able to give you proper pickup and performance. In addition to that these tyre lack fuel efficiency which is a must, for you and the environment, especially when you are using a tyre daily. 


The weather keeps changing throughout the year. Then why not tyres? We are well aware of the basic property of rubber: it hardens in cold temperatures and expands in hot temperatures. Using the same tyre in different weather conditions can put you in a dangerous situation. So, to solve this problem engineers come up with season tyres. These are different sets of tyres appropriate for different weather conditions. 

  • Summer tyres: these tyres have a rubber compound which allows tyres to remain hard enough for use in extremely hot weather conditions (above 7°C). They offer better speed ratings and cornering ability. These tyres also offer great traction on water-filled roads. 
  • Winter tyres: these tyres come with a rubber material which remains soft enough to provide traction over the glassy or snowy surface without slippering. They also have deep treads and thousands of grooves which make them most suitable for temperatures under 7°C.
  • All-season tyres: these tyres are the most popular kind because they are suitable for both hot and cold weather conditions. The only drawback of these tyres is that they do not perform well under extreme weather. However, they offer great traction and are much more durable. 


The treads, as most of you already know, are responsible for the traction which enables us to move our vehicle from one place to another. The tread provides the grip which helps to create friction between the tyre and the surface. Besides that, they also help prevent hydroplaning, which is the accumulation of water underneath the sidewalls of the tyre. There are different tread patterns which offer magnificent traction in different fields. 

  • Directional tread pattern
  • Asymmetric tread pattern
  • Symmetric tread pattern


The size of the tyre varies with the model of the car you are using. Don’t worry if you don’t know the size of the tyre. You can look for it on the sidewall of the tyre as well as in the car manual. The size of the tyre consists of a sequence which tells you about the specifications of your tyre such as aspect ratio, speed rating, load index etc. Your service provider will always suggest you purchase the original size of the tyre. This is because interfering with size can compromise your overall performance as well as the components of the vehicle.


We understand that you might feel confused about which tyre to purchase. This is why we are here to help you understand better about your vehicle’s tyre. Choosing a tyre that is suitable for the vehicle, as per your requirements, is also necessary for your safety. Let us help you choose the perfect set of Pirelli Tyres for your vehicle. 

By Williumson

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