Showbox was a fantastic, well-liked app for watching movies and TV shows on virtually any device. It performed flawlessly overall, had a sleek user interface, and was well-designed. Showbox was unfortunately permanently discontinued, but there are many other excellent options available right now.

We’ve thought about applications for a variety of operating systems, including Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS, when searching for Showbox substitutes. Some are also Linux-compatible. Some of the alternatives below work on a PC because of programs like Bluestacks and Nox, which let you use Android apps directly on your desktop.

In light of this, let’s examine 7 of the top Showbox substitutes.


The iOS version of Showbox is called Movie Box, but there are also versions for Android, Windows, and Mac. It resembles Showbox in terms of appearance, feels, and even layout. You shouldn’t experience any problems switching to Movie Box if you were confident using Showbox.

The app runs smoothly, installs using the same APK install method, and makes it simple to locate the newest media to stream. Additionally, it has a respectable search feature that makes it even simpler to locate the information you’re looking for.

In the end, MovieBoxPro App is a fantastic choice for former Showbox users looking for a simple iOS streaming solution.

PlayBox HD

A fantastic Showbox substitute for iOS, Android, and PC is PlayBox HD (using the Bluestacks emulator). It functions similarly to Showbox and has a similar look and feel.

PlayBox HD, as the name suggests, has a tonne of HD content, which makes it preferable to Movie Box for newer phones and bigger screens. Users don’t have to worry as much as they do with other services about sorting through low-quality streams.

If your Wi-Fi network is capable, categories populate quickly and the UI design keeps menus and navigation simple. In most cases, streaming is quick and buffer-free. Although the app itself appears to be very smooth, much of your experience using the platform will depend on your network.

MegaBox HD

With a large selection of HD content and a few low-quality streams, Megabox HD is a streaming app for iOS and Android devices.

When you select a stream on Megabox HD, you frequently have the option to change the quality, allowing you to customize the resolution. With this feature, you can lower the resolution to reduce lag and buffering, which is great for people with slower internet connections.

Like the other choices on this list, Megabox HD has a similar appearance and feel. It has a good content selection and an intuitive user interface. The app loads content quickly, and the design is straightforward and efficient. As long as your connection can handle it, streaming is seamless.

Popcorn Time

Popcorn When it comes to streaming, Time is still in charge, but with rivals hot on its heels, that advantage isn’t as secure as it once was.

Android TV 5.0+, Windows 7+, Mac OSX 10.7+, Linux 32-bit and 64-bit, Android 4.03+, and Linux are all compatible with Popcorn Time (ARM v7a and x86). As a result, you ought to be able to use this app on the device of your choice.

The UI is uncluttered and the design is straightforward. The content is prominently displayed, which makes browsing simple. It is simple and intuitive to browse categories. The search feature is also quite quick, and there are multiple ways to stream it to your Chromecast, making it simple to use across a number of platforms.


Another reputable streaming service for movies and TV shows is Crackle, which has a few unique features. It plays free high-quality movies and TV shows, just like many other apps on this list. For binge-watching your favorite TV shows or keeping track of where you are in a series, the app also lets you save favorites and create playlists, which is a nice bonus.

You don’t need to worry about using a VPN or anything else while using the app because Crackle is an official streaming service owned by Sony, unlike some of these other services. As all of the content has been officially uploaded, you can stop worrying about low-quality streams.

Like the other apps in this list, the Crackle app is easy to use. The user interface is clear and simple to use. On the home page, streams are displayed, and you can sort and search through the content as usual.


Some of these apps are only offered as APKs from strange-looking websites, as you may have noticed. They might be secure right now, but things could change. The majority of these apps also get their content from questionable sources. Streaming such content may not be illegal where you live, but you should exercise caution because you might still encounter problems with your ISP.

As a result, you ought to think about setting up and utilizing a top-notch VPN on your device at all times when streaming content. You should always be cautious and take precautions to keep yourself safe because content providers, such as movie and television studios, and the security firms they have hired actively patrol the torrenting community for copyright violators.

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