Node.js has become one of the most popular platforms in recent years. Founded by Ryan Dahl in 2009, it was initially released as an open-source framework that allowed users to build applications on top of Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine, but has since evolved into a fully-featured platform that includes server-side programming capabilities and can be used with other frameworks like Ruby on Rails. What makes Node so special and what exactly are you gaining by using it?

The role of Node.js

Node.js powers JavaScript on the server and provides a solution to the two biggest problems with using JavaScript outside of the browser environment: speed and a built-in way to do concurrent programming with all of its benefits like easy debugging, ease of use, async/synchronous input/output and memory sharing. It also opens up possibilities for many other languages by running in the same VM process, making it possible to compile new languages such as Go or Dart without even having an interpreter in production.

Benefits of using Node.js

Node.js is a server side scripting language which has become an essential tool for front-end engineers. If you’re building a new website or web app, it’s worth investing in learning this powerful technology to dramatically improve development times and overall performance. If you’re just getting started with programming, then Node.js is a great place to start as it requires less code and offers quicker feedback than other languages such as PHP. A downside of Node.js though is that it can’t be used on the client side; JavaScript only runs on the browser so if you want some client-side functionality such as AJAX requests then this would need to be programmed separately in another language such as Python or JavaScript (using something like jQuery).

Reasons why it works

Node.js has become a popular option as an alternative to older languages like PHP and Python, and it’s easy to see why: its speed, popularity, and single-threaded architecture make it perfect for performing computationally intensive tasks like image processing on the back end of a website. The asynchronous nature of the language also helps prevent bottlenecks that could slow down your site when running many requests simultaneously. These benefits are especially evident when building a website that must generate dynamic content quickly and efficiently, such as in some CMSs (content management systems).
When you’re building any type of web application with JavaScript front-end code and Node.js back-end code, you need to keep up with trends in JavaScript development because this can have significant impacts on how your app performs over time.

Applications of using Node.js

Node.js acts as a server and can facilitate both the front and back end of a website, or help with some tasks, such as image conversion, that are otherwise too difficult to do on the front end in client side code. You’ll get better performance out of JavaScript than most other programming languages, thanks to its asynchronous callbacks and loops.


Node.js utilizes event-driven and nonblocking I/O to be lightweight and efficient, which makes it perfect for data intensive real-time applications that run across distributed devices. With its built in support for JavaScript, Node.js is also a great tool for building powerful web applications based on single page interfaces as well as rich desktop applications on various operating systems using just JavaScript!


Nodejs development company are focused on the needs of today’s most in-demand languages. Developers have found that its performance for websites and server side applications is unparalleled, which is why its used by companies like LinkedIn, PayPal, and Netflix to provide their users with high quality experiences.
It helps out on the backend as well by being an open source platform that never goes down because of other systems being down or unreliable connections being disrupted due to too many people connected at once.

By Williumson

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