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Efficiency, cost efficiency, material handing equipment in pakistan, and security are at the forefront of the list for shippers and fleet managers. In the context of Material Handling Equipment (MHE), regularly accounting for 19 percent of the operating expenses of a supply chain, the effective control of this equipment is vital for warehouse efficiency and the bottom line of a business.

In addition, since we just observed National Forklift Safety Day (June 9), It is an ideal time to improve safety practices and evaluate the overall strategy for managing your fleet. One good place to start is to consider ways to extend the lifespan of the Material Handling Equipment in Pakistan.

If they maintain their forklifts properly, fleet managers can prolong the life of these machines and reduce their costs directly and improve productivity. To extend the lifespan of the forklift, fleet management must make sure they’re taking the following steps:

Implementing a planned routine maintenance plan for preventative purposes

Every fleet in a company requires a planned preventative maintenance plan if they wish to keep operations running smoothly. However, before a preventative maintenance plan is implemented, warehouse operations must be equipped with all the information needed so that programs can naturally follow their dream. All information must be integrated into your schedule – misuse by operators and inventory of all the assets such as chargers, batteries, labor costs, the number of times specific equipment was used, and so on. This will give you a complete overview of the health of your fleet at any point.

The programs are managed through data management software which ensures regular maintenance with alerts and notifications and controls the costs. Shippers who only do preventive care and respond to malfunctions and breaks across MHE and forklifts will face more significant repairs, equipment downtime, and price.

Technically skilled employees are hired

A thorough screening process for technicians in the hiring process is crucial to ensuring proper management of fleets and extending the lifespan of forklifts. While it is evident that having an employee with the knowledge and experience to keep equipment running is essential, many shippers are unaware of the amount of cost time- and time-saving it takes to ensure that the job is completed correctly on the first try. Your technicians are crucial to improving the efficiency of maintenance and ensuring timings for turnaround are on schedule, which permits forklifts to go back to work and continue supporting efficient operations.

Training operators in a rigorous manner

While technicians are essential in repairing forklifts effectively to prolong their lifespan, well-educated operators are equally crucial in reducing unplanned maintenance requirements. Fleet managers can utilize the management of workforce systems to identify the most qualified employees. However, having highly involved training is not enough to make it less critical.

If you do not have skilled personnel operating your forklifts and other MHE, you’re significantly increasing the risk in your work environment by complying with OSHA standards.

Inexperienced operators could dramatically decrease the lifespan of the forklift due to their everyday behaviors if not addressed. Whether consciously or not, simple driving causes wear and tear on MHE and instantly puts employees and forklifts at risk by turning corners too fast, speed control, etc. All of these contribute.

Maintaining batteries

The proper and efficient care of your batteries for forklifts can extend not only their lifespan but also the longevity of your forklift as well. Ensuring all batteries in your vehicle are correctly hydrated, balanced, and adequately charged is essential to providing long-lasting, healthy batteries and top-performing forklifts.

Charging batteries in a timely manner is essential to ensure that the batteries and vehicles aren’t under any additional stress. In the course of work, opportunities for charging – placing batteries in forklifts and setting them in docking stations allow workers to cut down on time and utilize breaks to charge batteries. After the gap is completed and returned to their batteries, they are recharged and can further increase their output. After the day is over, traditional charging – taking out batteries and placing them back on the conventional charging station is the best practice and can improve the productivity and efficiency of the workforce by allowing workers to start their day by having their vehicle fully charged and ready to go.

forklift trucks in pakistan are integral to your warehouse operations every day and can directly impact your employees’ efficiency and safety. Making sure that they’re regularly and properly maintained can not only prolong their life on the floor of your warehouse but will also benefit your overall bottom line. For more information on the best practices for managing fleets and the significance of National Forklift Safety Day, visit this link to speak with one of our experts, Forklift Trucks in Pakistan.

By Williumson

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